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    This is a major time-saver for our church! No more forgetting to manually update some age-related tags we use often. Smart-tags solved that!

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    So thankful for this new capability!  I have been wanting it for some time.  

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    Is there a way for the church leadership to be emailed when it's someone's birthday, rather than the other way around?


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    Is there a way to automatically post giving to members account? People who give through monthly bank drafts?

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    Hey @delineamy - If you use Birthday Notifications you can receive an email each month with everyone's birthday for the following month with the date. Click on that link for instructions on setting it up :) 

    Hey @katimwilliamson - this article here should help with that: Associating Contributions With Profiles.  If that isn't what you're looking for, please Contact our Support Team and we'd be glad to walk you through it further.

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