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    Susan Kleinwechter

    Feature request: Members using the Breeze App and their account could see an icon in their dashboard to complete a form.

    Putting as many reasons as possible for someone  to open up the Breeze app seems like a good thing. 

    I understand clearly the difficulties of creating & editing forms in a mobile app. 

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    Ed Collins

    Feature suggestion for forms:

    In dropdown or radio button fields, add the ability to include an Other option. That would be for when none of the choices we provide is satisfactory and the user needs to input their own value. 

    It would be helpful and useful. Thanks!

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    With the pace of times we end up using the SMS text feature quite a lot in order to communicate with our congregations. We use if for announcements, encouragement, and simply to reach out and spread some love. I'd really like to see Breeze make a transition to allowing MMS texting as well inside the ChMS. We are in an image heavy, text simplistic world and in order to remain relevant to the up and coming generations, we need the ability to communicate with them in a method that appeals to them. 

    Is there a chance that Breeze has something in the works to move in the direct of MMS for the subscribing ministries?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Emily W.

    Greetings! Thanks for your feedback here about how we can improve breeze--we’re always on the hunt for the next great idea to serve churches better! Currently we are not accepting feature requests via the Community forum. For more information about submitting a feature request, please check out

    Happy Breezing! 


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    We would love if you all would allow images to be sent through Text messages... AND more importantly, we'd love to have a regular 10-digit number so that our members can save, respond, keep and recognize the number that's texting them.... We've been reaching out about this feature for awhile, so I'm hoping, Praying and believing for this upgrade .. Thank you BREEZE

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    Susan Kleinwechter

    I'm not interested in those capabilities and I don't know this concept would fit with my team's makeup. We don't want to have to respond to text messages that way. To each their own. 

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    We would really love to be able to assign people to more than one role.  I know we can use tags but when we tag someone as, say a greeter, and then assign them to a particular service, we still have to define their role as greeter.  Perhaps I'm missing something but it is not as convenient as I had thought it would be.  We have people serving in multiple areas and tagging them and then assigning a role on the event is tedious.

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    Our church planting organization just started using Breeze this month and so far, we like it. As the admin, I like the fact that I can manage our church plants in different locations using Tags. I gave the users from each location a limited access to Contributions. They can only Add but not Edit or Delete. It's working well, except for one thing.

    This one thing is my Feature Request. It would be great if you can lock-down or hide all previously Closed Batches to users who do not have the Edit or Delete Contribution access. This will eliminate the problem I have encountered several times -- users Add contributions to previously used and closed batches which becomes time consuming to correct.



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    Hey there!  

    Thanks for you feature request.  Would you please click on this link and upload your feature request on this page: feature request page

    Once you submit your request to the page on the link above it will go into our list where we can review all feature requests and reach out if we have additional questions.


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