Walkthrough/Demo Videos

Want a quick and easy way to see what Breeze is capable of? Look no further! Here you'll find brief videos on the main sections of Breeze, allowing you to quickly get an idea of how Breeze can help you get the job done. 


People Section:

Tags Section:

Events Section:

Using Event Reports:

Contributions Section:

Adding Contributions:

Using Batches:

Managing Funds:

Creating Contribution Reports:

Want to check Breeze out for yourself? Feel free to start an Instant Demo, giving you access to your very own customizable demo account for 30 days, at no cost to you!

Want to see a live demonstration of Breeze? Schedule a meeting with our team; we'd love to give you a personal walkthrough of how Breeze can help you and your ministry! 

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  • What is cost for using breeze

  • @ghornung12


    Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to us! Breeze is $50 a month with all features included.

    To find out more information, please take a look here: Pricing/Features/Tech Requirements


  • We are considering new church software and wondered if Breeze has the following specific features: 

    -Connect (bulletins, church calendar-inc. events: birthdays, anniversaries, other events, surveys)

    -Give (tithing links, info about fundraisers like the pop can drive)

    -Pray (access to prayer line)

    -Read (devotions, bible reading plan)

    -Serve (meal sign ups, other opportunities)

    -Worship (live stream, archives)

    -Children & Youth (resources, ideas, bible studies)

    -About (for newcomers, what we believe and why, who we are)


    Which of these features are offered by Breeze?  Thanks! 


  • Hi @emmeldeals!

    Thanks for reaching out to us! Breeze offers many features! We'd love to continue the conversation of how Breeze can serve you! Please reach out to support@breezechms.com and we can set up a meeting time or answer your questions via email in more depth. For now, here's a quick look at what we have to offer:

    Breeze includes a variety of Features including:

    • Track Giving
    • Customizable People Profiles
    • Data Security
    • Complimentary Import
    • Email People & Groups Easily
    • Send SMS Text Messages
    • Follow Ups
    • Access Restriction Control
    • Name Tag Printing & Customization
    • Online Giving
    • Text Giving
    • QuickBooks Integration
    • Online Giving Integration (Third Party such as PayPal)
    • Contribution Reports
    • Year End Giving Statements
    • Volunteer Management
    • Event Management
    • Event Registration
    • Member Access
    • Printable Directories
    • MailChimp Integration
    • Tablet/Phone Apps
    • Professional Support
    • 99.99% Uptime
    • Integration with Planning Center Online
    • Create Forms
    • Daily, Automated Backups
    • Unlimited People
    • Unlimited Accounts
    • Open API

    Happy Breezing!