Using the Action Panel

Explore the Action Panel in church management platforms, a powerful tool for managing your congregation's information and communication. This guide covers its accessibility from the People tab and other areas like Tags and Event Attenders, detailing functionalities for emailing, texting, exporting data, and bulk updating profiles. Learn how to efficiently assign tags, archive, or delete profiles, simplifying administrative tasks and enhancing your church's operational efficiency.

Overview: The Action Panel allows you to quickly take action with a group a people, whether it be to contact them directly, export specified information out to Excel, create mailing labels, and more! 



Accessing the Action Panel

The Action Panel can be used from a variety of pages, however, it is most commonly accessed from the People tab.  

It also exists in each Tag, Event Attenders, Contribution Reports, Form Results, and more. 

Here's a breakdown of what each "Action" does.

Email People


Text People

  • Send a text out to the people in your list.
  • See Texting People for more information. 



  • Exporting allows you to a number of different function.
  • You can export to excel, a printed (or pdf) directory, create mailing labels (you can customize the size), make name tags, or customize a letter. 
  • See Exporting People for more details. 



Assign to Tags

  • Bulk assign your list to one or multiple tags at once.


Remove From Tags

  • Bulk remove your list to one or multiple tags at once. 



Update People

  • You can update a list of people who need to have the same profile field all at once.  For instance, if you just finished a membership class and you need to change the "status" from 'attender' to 'member' for those who attended you can do it in bulk all at once! 
  • See Updating Multiple People at Once for more information. 


Archive People


Delete People

  • This tool will allow you to permanently delete people in your list. 





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