Filtering Form Entries

Overview: Use form filters to search through form entries to find exactly the respondents you want!

To access form filters go to:

  1. More > Forms
  2. Click "view entries" next to the form of choice
  3. Turn the toggle for "show filter" on directly under the title of the form


With Form Filters, you can choose any field of the form to narrow down your search results. 

For instance, if you have a form for gathering registrations for Bible studies, you can narrow down your search to specific groups or times.


Or, perhaps you're looking for anyone with an allergy (see Advanced Searching for more search tips):


You can even take actions in the Action Panel with just the narrowed level of search results: 


2019-12-20_08-53-41__1_.gifEven if you don't have an entry connected to a profile, you can still filter their results.  

Note that you will not be able to take actions in the action panel unless they are connected to a profile. 

Also note, if you wish to sort based on the date of those form submissions, one recommendation is to insert a required Date field in the Form, so that this data will ultimately be available in a filter search. You can also, view form results, download to Excel and run a sort by date within Excel. 

You can use these filters with the Auto-Tag Form Respondents Automated Task

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