Behavior of Family Member Visibility

Overview: While members often have limited people access (such as access to Adult Regular Attenders & Members), it’s often desirable for adults in the family to be able to see their children — even if they aren’t in the specified People permission tag. As long as a family member are not archived, this is possible with the My Profile > Access to My Family Members permission!

A hidden person is visible to family members within their family section:
If the user has permission to see family members and the hidden person is not archived.

The permission is found/given by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Account Settings (mceclip3.png)> Users & Roles
  2. Click "Roles" on the left
  3. Edit the role of choice
  4. Under the "My Profile" dropdown, check the box for "Access to My Family Members"


A hidden person is NOT visible to family members within their family section:
If the user does not have permission to see family members
If the family member is archived

A couple of examples:

John and Jane Doe have a foster child named Jack. For security reasons, Jack shouldn't be visible on the church's directory and so he's been put in a tag titled "Restricted". People in the "Restricted" tag can't be seen by members. However, John and Jane still want to be able to see Jack's profile within their own accounts. If John and Jane have the "Access to My Family Members" permission, they are able to see Jack.

Anne Smith is a widow. Her husband, Arnold, passed away 6 months ago and the church has archived Arnold's profile. Anne, even with "Access to My Family Members" permission, will not be able to see Arnold.

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  • In regards to the "Restricted" tag mentioned in the support answer to hide foster children. Is that tag already set up in breeze or do we have to set rules for that tag to make the child restricted to only be visible to the foster parents and admin of the account?


  • @lewislake1030

    Great question!  The "Restricted" tag is something that you would need to add in your account.  Then, when allowing members to have access to see other people, you would restrict them from seeing that tag.  You can do this under the People section of the Role you are working in.  Go to People > Only Access Certain People > People not in Tags and choose that tag.

    I would recommend that you test everything out before giving access to your members just to make sure you have set it up correctly.

    Hope this helps!