Canadian Donation Receipts


What information must be on an official donation receipt from a registered charity?

Source: Government of Canada

Receipts for cash gifts must have the following:

  1. a statement that it is an official receipt for income tax purposes
  2. the name and address of the charity as on file with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  3. a unique serial number
  4. the registration number issued by the CRA
    • Further definition (source: Government of Canada)
      Charitable registration No.
      The registration number assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Only registered charities and RCAAAs are issued a charitable registration number. Other qualified donees do not need one to issue official donation receipts.
  5. the location where the receipt was issued (city, town, municipality)
  6. the date or year the gift was received
  7. the date the receipt was issued
  8. the full name, including middle initial, and address of the donor
  9. the amount of the gift
  10. the amount and description of any advantage received by the donor
  11. the eligible amount of the gift
  12. the signature of an individual authorized by the charity to acknowledge gifts
  13. the name and website address of the CRA

Breeze allows for all required fields to be added to your official donation statement using the mail merge fields found in the statement editor. 

Here is an example of an edited statement referencing the requirements list above.

Easily create your Standard Donation Receipt: 

  1. Navigate to More > Contributions > Statements 
  2. Select "Print"
  3. Click the pencil icon to customize statements 
  4. Remove all current text in that customization box
  5. Copy and paste the text below to the "Modify Statement" dialog box (this will save you from having to create the statement from scratch).
  6. Now, enter your church's specific information for the placeholders shown below in red (Location Issued, Charitable Registration Number, Church Address). 

Save this as a new Statement Template:

  1. Click the "..." more menu in the edit dialog box
  2. Choose "Templates" and "Save as New Template"
Official donation receipt for income tax purposes 


Unique Serial Number: [unique_id]
Receipt Issued: [todays_date]
Location Issued: 
Charitable Registration Number: 

Total Eligible Amount of Gifts Between [start_date] and [end_date]: [amount]

Itemized Donations Received

Authorized Signature: 

Thank you,
Church Address Here

Canada Revenue Agency -


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  • Thanks for the post. 

    The receipt "unique_id" obtainable in the mail merge function provides the date range of reported contributions and unique person id. This information along with the receipt date gives verification of what was recorded in and reported out of the system at the time of receipt. 

    Saving one file containing all statements in pdf format (done easily through the statement print function) will then allow for a static and recoverable duplicate of issued statements. 

  • The use of a mail merge function after the fact seems not quite robust.  My understanding is that the CRA wants the receipt number unalterably trackable to the donation in the system of record.