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    Chris Rotman

    I am no longer taking a person by person check in attendance as we are too large to do so at this point.  We have relied on our Head Ushers to count people and put in an anonymous number.  Although, we have almost 200 adults in LifeGroups (our small groups) which most meet on Sundays.  Would this Beta test work for the small groups?  I am the one to put everyone in (for privacy purposes).  If this will work, I would love to be apart of the test!

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    I am very interested in how this Beta Test turns out.  We will be implementing the check in process very soon.  The sneak peak looks great.  It is all coming at just the right time for us.

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    Thank you for always working to improve Breeze!  I am happy to help by joining the Beta Tester Team!  

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    So excited about Family Check-in!  

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    Consideration should be made for churches or groups that DO NOT record attendance on Sundays, but a later day because of work schedule.

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    I would love to participate in this trial, without time to meet with all that do check-ins, I would not like to pop this on them. If I could try it myself, and it not be account wide,I would do it.

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    Margaret Hill

    I am the director Women's Ministry Connection and I would love to sample the check in at an event I am doing on Saturday, October 20th. Would that work?


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    I am the office manager and do the inputting of information. Sunday is my time of worship with my family. I would prefer if we had the opportunity to input the information on Monday. Then I would be more than happy to help out!! I have to go thru it all anyhow! Please let me know if this is possible.

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    Hi Everyone!

    Thank you so much for the feedback with our beta test on check in.  We are so excited for this new roll out and hope that you'll love it as much as we do. 

    For those of you who have been inquiring about using check in outside of Sunday morning or manually entering the check in yourself, we are excited to say: Yes!  We would love to have you join our beta.  

    We've altered our requirements above slightly from needing to use it Sunday morning for check in to the following:

    • You agree to Use the New Check-in Design between Tuesday, October 9th and Wednesday, October 18th for any or all check-in events. 

    That being said, as long as the check in is being used, either publicly or by manually entering check in information after an event, between those two dates, we would love for you to join our Beta. 

    @Elease2 - We will definitely let you know in the future if there is a possibility of doing a user-specific update. 

    @Margaret Hill - Unfortunately we need to get our feedback by the 17th on this one!  We will be sure to let you know about the next Beta and hopefully you'll be able to be a part of it :)  

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    We can't join the beta for this Sunday because we are already changing other elements of our process and I don't want to add too many variables, but we may be able to help on a future week.

    One bit of feedback: From the preview screens, it appears that the quick add feature still doesn't allow entry of cell phone numbers. That would be a huge help as the cell phone numbers are how parents are contacted during service. 

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    I am not able to get to the beta testing area to test.  What I see has no "events" listed.

    Roxy McGraw

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