Failed Subscription Payment Retry Schedule

Overview: A summary of Breeze's retry schedule after the card that is normally used for your monthly subscription fails. This is also the same retry schedule that will occur if a recurring Online Giving gift has failed.

We get it, when you get a new credit card because your current one expired, got stolen, lost, cut up courtesy of Dave Ramsey, or anything else, it's a huge hassle to remember all of the places that your credit card was being used on a regular basis!  

Because of that, Breeze has a systematic retry schedule to run your monthly subscription payment. 

It looks something like this:

Day 1

First Attempt (renewal day of month)

Day 4 (3 Days Later)

Second Attempt - if the payment has still not been updated then you'll receive a courtesy email from us that your payment method needs updating. 

Day 9 (5 Days Later)

Third Attempt - you will get another email reminder from Breeze alerting you that your account will soon be suspended if you don't update your payment information. 

Day 16 (7 Days Later)

Fourth Attempt - your account will be suspended.  When next anyone attempts to log into Breeze it will alert that user that the account has been suspended and needs updated credit card information before accessing your data again. 

Your Breeze homepage will look something like this: 

Additional Retry Information

If the card was declined because it did not have enough money to cover the payment and then more was added to it, it will follow the payment schedule above. 

If a new card is added to your account, Breeze will automatically re-try the card before the next scheduled attempt. 

If 5 invoices (5 months) go unpaid, the account will be removed from Breeze.

Your data will be removed from our servers 6 months from this removal day.  

If you're looking into a recurring gift retry schedule, check out this article for more information:
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  • Our system is asking me to update card information, but I do not donate using a card. I donate from my checking account using a bank routing number and my account number. How do I get rid of the error message?

  • @janechavez105 I wanted to let you know that I have sent you an email with instructions on how to clear this error message! I would love to continue this conversation in the email thread if you have any additional questions! 

  • Sinai Lutheran needs to renew their subscription.  Where do I find the dollar amount that the renewal is?  How do I get a invoice?

  • Hey @tquail29

    Nate here with Breeze Support, check your email, I am going to send you some details on what to do here.  

    Thanks for reaching back out to us!

    Breezy Blessings