Creating and Viewing Notes

Overview: Notes allows you to keep important information on your members, right on their profile.

To Access Notes:

  1. Navigate to a person's profile
  2. Click "Notes" on the left side menu
  3. Click "Add Note"
  4. Write the content of the note and choose whether or not you'd like to mark the note as private
  5. Save


Notes can only be edited by the user that first created / imported the note.

Marking a Note as Private

If you would like to make a note private so that only you can view the note, check the "Mark as Private" box.  This will prevent anyone who has permissions to view notes to have access to that particular note. 

Anyone who has access to exporting will be able to export private notes, so be sure that limited members have access to export. Note:This export is under Account Settings, not export under people in the action panel. At this time, the ability to search for notes is not currently available. For example, if a church wants to see every profile with a Note, there is not a way to do this. One workaround is to do an Export of Notes.

Common Uses of Notes

Notes can have several purposes, but some of the primary reasons church's use notes is to write information specific to the individual, that doesn't necessary require a profile field.

  • If a pastor has made a care call or visit, he can write notes in this area. 
  • If a couple has a baby and needs a meal service set up, notes can be made about when and what they need.
  • Information on whether or not a person has passed a background check and the date they passed can be stored here. 
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  • Is there a way to get notifications for a NOTE like you get for birthdays, anniversaries, giving contributions? I'm not talking about FOLLOW UPS.  Please advise.

  • Hey @drizzo!

    Great question! Unfortunately, that is not a current feature within Breeze. I wish I had a better solution at this time. Would you consider sharing this on our feature request page? Check out


  • Hi! Is there a way to see recent notes on one page?

  • @justinkuojak

    That is a great question. At this time we don't have an ideal way to view recently added notes in a report format. However, you can always see all the notes that have been added to profiles by using the Export options. Navigate to More > Account Settings > Export (after you select More Options on the left) > Select Notes from the drop down menu. It then downloads all the notes in the system to excel (including ones marked as private). The spreadsheet does also display when the note was created in it's own column. So ideally you could sort by that column to find all the most recently added notes.  

  • Hi 

    is there a way to add notes in an even?

    lets say i want to add a not about how the event went

  • Hey @pierrevalynsa, 

    That's an excellent question, and I see how that can be useful!  However, there are no notes for events.  I would recommend using the description box for your notes.  

    • From the Dashboard, go to Events > Select your event
    • Click Edit event settings (bottom left)
    • Click Change next to "Description"

    I hope that helps!

  • Is there an option to add a note for the family and it appear in all family member records?

  • Hi @bcambron!

    Great question! The best way to add a note for the entire family would be for you to export out people and copy and paste the notes into each family member note section of the Update People file. While this may not be ideal, I do hope the information is helpful. 

    Bulk Update People

    Please let us know if there is any additional support we can offer.


  • I was at a church once and their app gave the ability to take notes on the sermon. Is this possible in Breeze or is their an extension or integration that I can use? Thanks.

  • Hey @tschwolert, great question! That's a great idea for taking notes! At this time Breeze does not have the ability to do this, but we're always looking for ways to improve our functionality! Check out our Feature Request page to let our developers know of your idea! Also, be sure to check out our Product Blog for new updates as they release! Happy Breezing!

  • Can you search on notes?

    Looking for a place to list what member would like to volunteer for. And being able to search on that info.

  • @jsharp9321 While you can view notes on a specific profile, you cannot search notes.

    May I suggest Customizing Profile Fields with potentially a drop down of options a member would like to volunteer for. You could even have choice 1, choice 2, and choice 3 fields allowing you to see the top three volunteer choices of a member. You could then use the advanced search filters in a People Search to find all members interested in serving in a specific ministry. I hope this helps! 

  • Who can read Notes posted on a church member's profile?   I there a way to give permission to anther breeze user to read "private" notes that are created? 

    I am trying to find a secure way for clergy and pastoral care team members to communicate privately when they reach out to church members in a pastoral outreach and facilitate coordination of care.

  • I need this as well.  I'm trying to keep the contacts to an Anonymous group (mostly) anonymous.  I would like for only people with the highest levels of permission to be able to see the note.

  • Hey @ToKevin and @administrator - great questions!
    Notes are indeed meant for either clergy and/or the highest-level permissions to access. You will want to head to the "Users & Roles" section to ensure the Roles have the right permissions set, Here's an example from my Admin Role:

    **Note, there is no way to allow access to "Private" Notes as those are meant only for the User recording them. The only workaround would be to use the "Export Notes" function.

  • As an Admin, how do I delete notes made by others, especially if the Notes were made in the wrong profile and the User who made the Notes is no longer here?

  • Our church is also interested having notes created so only pastoral staff can have access to for important details on individuals or families that other pastoral staff can check on before they meet with individual or family. like deaths, drug use problems, multiple benevolence request, abuse, or Always meet with someone else. Something we can help to watch out for red flag issues, as well as help another pastor prep so they have an idea of what they helping minister to or with.  Please consider developing that feature. While keeping the common notes and private notes.

    thanks for the consideration. 


  • @scotty one suggestion would be to Make Notes that are Private to Some Users by using Profile Fields (the article lays out the instructions on how to do this). This may help you as pastoral staff, be able to take notes, search those notes and help each other prepare as you minister to or with others. This is something we implemented at my church, and it greatly helped us to be organized in our efforts. 

    I hope this helps! 

  • Is it possible to display followup notes for individuals in their profile field?  As opposed to having to go into Followups and reviewing comments there?

  • @pastorken

    Great question! Unfortunately, the follow-ups area is the only place you can view notes for follow-ups. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause!

  • @pastorken Ken Lombardo 

    If you are referring to follow-up notes populating into an actual 'field,' then the above is correct. But if you are referring to wanting to see the notes in an individual's profile, instead of visiting the Follow-Ups TAB where everyone's follow-ups are, then:

    -Go to the individual’s profile.

    -Click ‘More,’ then ‘Follow-Ups’

    -Click the box next to ‘Show Completed Assignments’ (if needed)

    -Click the drop-down caret next to ‘Columns’

    -Click ‘Notes’ and ‘Notes (Completed)’ and then both the initial notes and the comments will show for that person, and remain set for any person's profile you go into.

  • @andrea @pastorken


    Thanks, @Andrea for that additional information! That is great clarification in that if you are wanting to see the notes in an individual's profile, instead of visiting the Follow-Ups Tab, then you can go to an individual's profile to visit their specific Follow-ups! 


    Thank you both for being a part of the Breeze family! 




  • Is there a way to search notes across all of the people in our Breeze account, so that I could pull up all people with a certain word in their notes section? That would allow us to use notes as a background (private) version of Tags. 

  • Hey @mollyruhlman!

    Thanks so much for reaching out with that great question searching notes! The only way to see a list of everyone with a Note is to export that data into a spreadsheet. Here's how:

    Navigate to Account Settings > Manage Account<More<Export

    Select Notes from the drop-down. Click "Export."

    Note: Any private Notes that were made (e.g. by pastoral staff, etc.) can also be accessed this way. Just an FYI.

    Happy Breezing! 

  • Is there a way to view all notes? For example, I added a note on person A, B, and C. Can I view all of those notes at once to edit them? 

  • @alexis

    Great question! 
    Unfortunately, the only way to edit these Notes would be to go into each individual profile to edit them. 

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you!

  • Is there a way to add a link to a note field?

    I am using notes to store links to obituaries, articles, and other online items related to parishioners. It would be easiest to be able to click on those links, rather than copy or drag-drop them, in order to navigate to the content. 

  • Hey @jnelson! I would say if Notes aren't getting you the result you need for keeping track of links, I would keep a group of custom profile fields that only a certain group of users can see so you can keep track of these in a text box / file field.

    Here's our article on all of the profile fields you can create: 

    And how to edit the role so that only specific roles can see them: 

    Hope this helps!

  • jnelson,

    If you highlight the link in the note and right-click and hi-light "Go To" it takes you right to the link. That is what I do and it works well. Yes, you have to highlight it, but it's easier than copying and pasting it in the browser.

  • @crystal @connor alvis, thank you for the helpful responses!