Creating and Viewing Notes

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    Another CMS that I've used (that which shall not be named) has a very useful feature. It has a "notes page" where you can see all the notes that you have permissions to see. It also tells you what kind of note it is (based on note categories that the admin sets up). So for instance you can have pastoral care notes that only the pastors have permission to see, Private notes that only the creator can see, general notes that anyone with permission to see notes can see, etc. They are listed by date and scroll. You can also for any category of note sign up to have a digest of notes sent to you from the previous day, week, etc. This is FANTASTIC for staff communication in a multi-staff church and it's also a wonderful tool to be able to go back and scroll through the pastoral care notes (so that if you forget to assign yourself a follow up you can be reminded). Is there anything on the horizon for something like this?

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    Emily W.

    Hey @kevindrector

    Within Breeze, you can set note to private notes that only the creator can see, as well as have general notes that anyone with permissions to see notes can see. They are listed by dates as well.

    Follow-ups are another place where you can control who leaves notes and who has access to the notes. It does show the date and the user that created the note. You can also receive notifications for follow-ups each week.

    Solutions for this may not be on the Development Roadmap horizon at this time, but these additional resources may help provide you a great workaround:

    Follow Ups Video

    Marking a Follow Up as Complete

    Follow Up Notifications


    Creating and Viewing Notes

    Happy Breezing!

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    Is there a way to get notifications for a NOTE like you get for birthdays, anniversaries, giving contributions? I'm not talking about FOLLOW UPS.  Please advise.

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    Emily W.

    Hey @drizzo!

    Great question! Unfortunately, that is not a current feature within Breeze. I wish I had a better solution at this time. Would you consider sharing this on our feature request page? Check out


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    Hi! Is there a way to see recent notes on one page?

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    Elizabeth Reed


    That is a great question. At this time we don't have an ideal way to view recently added notes in a report format. However, you can always see all the notes that have been added to profiles by using the Export options. Navigate to More > Account Settings > Export (after you select More Options on the left) > Select Notes from the drop down menu. It then downloads all the notes in the system to excel (including ones marked as private). The spreadsheet does also display when the note was created in it's own column. So ideally you could sort by that column to find all the most recently added notes.  

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