Generating a List of Everyone Who Has NOT Pledged

Overview: Sometimes your church will want to generate a list of any family who has not pledged to a certain campaign. While finding a list of people who haven't pledged can be fairly easy, it takes just a bit more work to remove a spouse from a list where one has pledged and the other hasn't.

  1. Click on the "Tags" tab and create a tag called "Pledgers" or the title of your pledge or anything that you'll recognize as the pledgers.
  2. Go to More > Contributions and choose "Pledges" from the left side and click on the campaign you're interested in.
  3. On the left side, between the graph and the pledge information you'll see a blue number with the number of pledges - Click that.
  4. From the popup that appears, click "more actions" on the right, and "assign to tags". Assign everyone to the tag that you made in step 1.
  5. Click on the "People" tab and click "Show More Filter Options" on the lefthand side
    At the bottom you'll see "Tag > Contains". Choose that dropdown and check the box for the tag that you've just created. You should now see a list of everyone in the middle who has pledged.
  6. Just above where you chose the tag, you'll see the "Other" search are with an option of "Search Type". Click that dropdown and change it from "Person" to "Family". Now you'll get a list of the entire family of those pledgers.
  7. Click "more actions" on the right, and "assign to tags". Assign everyone to the tag that same tag that you made in step 1. Now the tag will be filled with the pledgers and their family members.
  8. Click on the "People" tab again to clear out your previous search.
  9. Click "Show More Filter Options" on the left again
  10. Now choose "Tag > DOES NOT CONTAIN" and choose the tag that you created in Step 1.
    You'll now see a list of everyone in your database that did not pledge or is not a family member of someone who pledged. If you'd like to narrow this down further, you can do so by filtering by "status" and choosing just your members, attenders, or whichever group of people you're specifically looking for.
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  • This solves the problem of a list of Pledgers vs Non-Pledgers.  Is there a way to export a contribution report by date and fund with the tag for pledging?

  • @BobRogers

    Thanks for reaching out to the Community! Yes, there is. In the Contribution Reporting area, you can add a filter for "People". Adding this filter will allow you to select your desired Tag! 

    Prayerfully, this information is useful for you! 

  • I think you need to add a step for removing from the Pledged tag those family members who pledge separately, but haven't yet pledged.

  • @jack

    Thanks for the additional feedback here! Feel free to post your feature request here: Submitting Feature Requests

    This is the #1 way we make changes in Breeze!