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    Can the birthday list be customized to only include active members?

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    Emily W.

    Hey Bonnie! 

    Great question! The notification birthday list as mentioned above, is looking for anyone in the system with a birthday.

    If you would like to have a more accurate list of those active members and their birthdays, I would recommend using the Advanced search to narrow down your list.

    1. Select the "People" tab from the top right.
    2. On the left, click "Show More Filter Options."
    3. Select "Status"< Member
    4. Use the "Birthdate" filter to select the month you're looking for (you can leave the day and year fields set to "Any").
    5. Results will show up on the right.
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    What access is required to see the 'New People' notification report?

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    Some of my people can't see the option for notifications while others can. I this a permission setting? I can't see to figure out which one it may be. Thanks!

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    Emily W.

    Hi @bcambron

    The access that you'll need is People <Account Settings.

    Happy Breezing! 


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    Emily W.

    Hi @johnmarcconner!

    Happy to help! I am going to reach out through a support email so that we can get those notifications enabled for those others. 


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    I would like some users to receive the weekly Giving summary notification, but not have access to the Contributions section.  Is this possible?  Thank you, Gary

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    Rob N.

    Hey @eldergaryrcg, 

    That's a great question!  As it turns out, if you want them to get notifications from their accounts, they will have to have access to some contribution aspects.  However, if you're trying to maintain giver confidentiality, you can choose to uncheck "Names on Reports" from within the Users and Roles permissions (Contributions > Reports > Names on Reports).

    Then they'll have to turn up the weekly notifications within their accounts.

    I hope this helps!




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    Thanks Rob.

    I saw that that works.  This leads me to my next question or statement.  I do not want to be able to see the Contributions report that gives the individual amounts that people give even if there are no names.  Just having the numbers for each giver, while unknown, can lead to someone comparing their own giving to what others are giving and contribute to either pride or discouragement or guessing who might be giving that high amount or that low amount.  It would be helpful to see the other big picture reports though.  Actually, those other big picture reports (Monthly, weekly totals) could be accessible to many of our users without much concern.
    So, is there any way to filter out that particular report?  It doesn't sound like it at this point.  I think it would be great if in user permissions you could choose which reports are available and also what notifications can be sent without regard for other access.
    Overall, so far (almost two weeks of use), I am excited about the functionality of Breeze and look forward to our church utilizing more of the tools as we get familiar with it.
    In His Grace,
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    Emily W.

    Hi Gary!

    Emily here stepping in for Rob! Thank you so much for this feedback about the reports of contributions in Breeze. 

    We are thrilled that you are a part of the Breeze family and want to continue to make the functionality of Breeze simple!

    The reports can be limited of who is able to see them. Others wouldn’t be able to get to contributions through the link if they don’t have the permissions.

    Here is some more information on users and roles that might be helpful:

    Users and Roles Video

    Creating a New Role

    If you have further questions, we'd love to assist you via email or phone!

    We’re here and happy to serve from 9am - 6pm (Eastern), Monday - Friday, either by phone (888.320.6030) or by email.


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