Follow Up Notifications

Overview: Follow Up assignment email notifications allow the recipient to quickly view the Follow Up name, description, due date, note associated (if applicable), and some contact details for the person the follow up is for. The email also contains a link allowing the recipient to mark the follow up as complete. This link does not require the user to log-in or have Breeze access.

New Assignment Notification

New assignment notifications are emailed to the assigned user when the assignment is made. They contain information about the assignment as well as information about the person the follow up is for. 

Pending/Incomplete Assignments Notification

A list of all pending/incomplete notifications are sent out once a week to the person they are assigned to. This email will only go out if there is at least one pending/incomplete assignment. 

Weekly Notifications

The above notifications are turned on by default. You may also opt to turn off these emails as well.
To turn on or off notifications:
  1. Click the "More" Dropdown

  2. Choose "Follow Ups" from the list. 

  3. Click the bell icon in the upper right.

  4. Change the notification settings to what you desire.

  5. Click "Save."



Additional Notifications

Using the Notifications tool, you can receive a weekly email on the day of your choosing listing all assigned, completed, and past-due Follow Ups from the past week.

To set up these notifications, follow the directions found on our notification article

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