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Overview: Breeze's Check In app can be downloaded to your devices from the Apple App Store for free. The app allows for true wireless printing to any AirPrint Compatible Printer, making your check-in experience even better!

You can download the Breeze Check In App on iOS devices here

How To Use The Check In App:

The first time you use the Breeze Check In app you'll be prompted to enter your subdomain.

Your subdomain is part of the URL that you use to log in. For instance, if you log in at, your subdomain is cornerstone. If you don't know your subdomain, please contact your church.

After entering in your correct subdomain, you'll be prompted to enter in your login information.

This will now bring you to an Events calendar within your Breeze account! From here, you're able to view the current events or select a different date from the calendar. After selecting the desired date, you are presented with all the events for that day.

Select the event for which you'd like to track attendance and you'll be brought into the Check In screen. From here, you can select the Gear Icon to change the Mode, Add Headcount, Add Filters, etc.

From this page, you are now free to begin checking people in! After selecting to check someone in, a popup will appear asking which Brother Printer you would like to use. This popup will only appear once per check-in session.

From this popup you will select your desired, AirPrint-supported printer and your name tags will immediately begin printing!

Note: The new Check-In App can communicate with the Brother printers via AirPrint, but cannot communicate directly with the DYMO printers because they are not AirPrint. The Print Station set up would be the only way to communicate to the DYMO Wireless Printer via the Check-in App!


(Disclaimer: This video does not have audio and is designed to help visualize the processes outlined above.)

Recommended Printer:

Breeze Check In will work with any AirPrint compatible printer, however, we recommend the Brother QL-820NWB.

You can purchase the Brother QL-820NWB here.

Supported AirPrint Labels

Breeze supports the following labels for the Brother Ql-820NWB: 
DK-2205 Continuous Paper Label Roll, 2.4” x 100 Feet
Purchase on Amazon
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  • Hey @maribeth, 

    That's a great question!  As it turns out, this app will not work with Dymo printers because they're not AirPrint compatible.  It only works with Apple's AirPrint technology.  I hope this helps!

  • We are using the Check In app at our children's check in station.  Is there a way to limit what shows up in the calendar for each day so that only the events for which people can be checked in appear?  On the regular Breeze calendar, you can choose what to display, but I have not been able to limit what is displayed in the Check In app.  It is time consuming and confusing for our check in volunteers to scroll through all the different "calendars" to find the one they need for checking in/printing name tags for our kids.

  • When I open the check in app all works fine. I check in the first person then select printer and it prints. Then it won’t print the next one. Any suggestions.

  • @Mark and @guy

    The Dymo printer must be configured to a computer first (whether you're using a Wired or Wireless Dymo Printer).  Then, you will have to open Breeze and set up a Print Station from the computer (you will have to leave the Print Station Tab open).  After that's set, you can open the Check In app and find your computer from within the print settings.  At that point, you can print from the Check In app.

    I hope this helps!

  • Hi!..

    So, I did everything right (I think so)... The Ipad sees our Brother QL-810W as an airprint. However, when It prints, it prints only the top of the tag in huge letters. It's like it wanted to print a letter size tag and it was only able to fit the top part. Is there a way to fit the size format? am I missing something in the configuration?

  • Hey @Joseph Shin, 

    That's a great question.  We prefer the QL-820W over the QL-810W because it's easier to set up.  The QL-810W doesn't have a display, which can make the setup and troubleshooting process more difficult.

  • Rob N.:  clarification on your response to @guy, you CANNOT print to a print station from the app, but would just use the browser version from an iPhone? I.E., the app will not see the print station and allow you to print through it?

  • @jason Sorry for the printing issues you are experiencing. Thanks for reaching out to us. I'm connecting via email to troubleshoot this with you. 

  • Same question as a few others, we bought DYMO LabelWriter Wireless printers... any chance we can use these with the app?


  • @kpitcock

    You wouldn't need to create a separate username and password for each of them in order to do this!

    Just simply create a generic check-in user. For example // Username: CheckIn // Password: (generic password) -- Share these credentials to all of your volunteers who would be checking people in. 

    As long as all of the Tags are eligible for the event, they will be able to specifically choose which Tag Filter they want to do check in for! See here: Event Check in Eligibility 

    Also see this example of how to filter: 

    If you have any additional questions, please let us know!

  • @officadmin

    Great question! Unfortunately, there's no solid answer to this at this moment. The only information I could offer is that this question is on our radar. I wish there was more that I could give you here!

  • Hello, I've been having troubles to connect the Ipad with the QL-820nwb. it takes me the longest time to connect them and once I do if I walk away ad try to check in someone else it doesn't let me, it says that there's no air printers or that the connection with the printer has failed. It has been happening every time I use it and it's starting to get annoying because I can't check in the kids on time for their classes.

    Thank you in advance for your help.