Volunteer Management - Assign Mode

Volunteers Assign Mode allows you to assign volunteers for each of your events, set recurring schedules, send the schedules to your volunteers and so much more.  This article assumes that you've already started the set up of your volunteers - if you have not yet done the set up, please view this article first

Note: Schedules may not include all of the dates selected, as our PDF generator will cut-off dates when it reaches the end of the first page. The number of dates included are dependent on the length of volunteer names. A typical one-page schedule may include between 6-12 weeks of events (roughly).

Assigning Volunteers to Roles

After you've created your roles & teams, you'll see a blue "Add Volunteers" button to the right of each Role. We'll start by clicking there.

From this popup window you'll be given the option to type in someone's name to assign them to that role:


Choose from recent volunteers (anyone who has volunteered in this role over the past 6 months):


Or find people by tag:


Just click on the individual's name that you'd like to assign and click the "Add" button and they will be scheduled for that event.


If someone is already volunteering with another event (or a different role within this event) you'll see "Potential Conflict" written in red under their name.


If someone is already volunteering for that role in the event, their name will be grayed out and unable to be clicked with a note underneath that says "Already Volunteering".


Scheduling Recurring Volunteers


To set someone on a recurring schedule: 

  1. After they've been assigned to one event, click on their name
  2. Choose "Set Recurrence" from the dropdown menu
  3. Set the frequency for how often this person will volunteer
  4. Choose the end date (will go up to 2.5 years out)
  5. Add or remove any additional dates
  6. Save


 To remove someone from a recurring schedule: 

  1. Find a volunteer assignment for them and, click on their name
  2. Choose "Set Recurrence" from the dropdown menu
  3. Select the Remove All Future Assignments options
  4. Save
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  • This is awesome! Will this be included with our current subscription or will there be added cost to use volunteer management 2.0?

  • @musicafcraine We think it is pretty awesome too, we are just as excited about it! It will be included with your current subscription, no additional cost! Look for it to be rolling out to your church in the near future!

  • Sweet! If I set groups up in 2.0 BETA, will they carry over to the live version when that is pushed out?

  • It would be beneficial to have the ability to assign volunteers at the "Team" level in addition to the "Roles" level.  Somewhat similar to the previous version.  This would allow the administrator to add all of the volunteers within a tagged team and assign the roles in one step rather than having to click add volunteer for each individual role.   

    I currently have all of my worship singers and musician in tags by teams, when I schedule them I simply select the tag for Team 1,2, or 3, and assign individual roles once everyone as been added.  Having a similar function within in Volunteer Management 2.0 would mean less clicks for the administrator (clicks=load time).

  • @musicafcracine

     Any settings that you create within the Beta version of volunteer management 2.0 will continue to exist once it goes live. This is already happening with several churches around our customer base! 

    Additionally, thank you for your feedback concerning Volunteer management 2.0! Your input is invaluable to making sure our product is working best for our customers. 


  • Is there a way to view a list of individuals’ black out dates that are set in specific tags, so that we can assign according to availability?

  • @Gizellemarr

    Thanks for reaching out to the community! To answer your question, no. There's currently no place to only print out black out dates....however, f they've been blacked out, then you won't be able to schedule them. This ensures that you always have available people scheduled!


  • I agree with the person above, if you could allow volunteers to be added at the team level as well and then allow titles to be added after the names it would speed up our process when adding multiple volunteers and multiple schedules.

  • @Cmelville28

    Thanks for the additional feedback here! Volunteer 2.0 is still being refined as we receive continued feedback from our customers. Thanks for you patience with us as we continue to develop this new feature!

  • Is there a way to add volunteers to random (not neatly recurring) days in a recurring event.  For instance, the event happens weekly and a two out of a group of volunteers are scheduled each week according to their availability.  

  • @carolynfarr

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum! You could certainly add Volunteers (at random) to any event that you would like to. Even if you wanted to recur two people and let the other positions remain open, you could do that. 

    If you have additional questions, i would suggest you give us a call so that we can walk through this with you! 


  • We often get verbal accpetance of the volunteer roles. Especially from people who do not check email or use smart phones alot. Is there a quicker way for me to accept the position for an entire series (current event ran from Sept-Dec) for a volunteer without having to go into every event occurance in the series in the grid view to click their name and "accept"? Thanks for your help.

  • @alexis2356

    Thanks for reaching out to the breeze community! Unfortunately, you will have to Manually respond to each request on each week. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you! 



  • Is it possible under Mail Merge to add {EVENTDESCRIPTION]?  It would be nice to add the lesson plan for that week.

  • Hey @aarongray,

    That sounds like a great idea! Would you mind submitting a feature request? 

    I hope this helps! :)

  • I have someone showing up as a potential conflict when they are listed as a volunteer during our worship hour (9:30-10:30) and also a volunteer during Sunday School (10:30 - 11:30). Can you explain why that is? The events don't overlap. Volunteers are able to go to both. 

  • @cngastineau We would love to dive into this further with you to see what is causing this exactly. I believe because the times "technically" overlap (one event ends and the other starts at the exact same time) that is why you are getting the potential conflict warning. I will be in touch via email shortly so we can work this through with specific information from your account! 

  • I'm trying to use the "Assign Mode" for volunteer slots. I don't see the same interface you have pictured in this tutorial. Do I need to do something in my account to get the "BETA" version?

  • Hey @mkemp!

    I'm going to be sending you an email in a moment so we can look at this together! Looking forward to helping soon!

  • Is it possible to permanently change the body text in the "Send Schedules to Volunteers" email? If so, please - how?? :) 


  • Hi @scorsi!

    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to permanently change the body text in that "Send Schedules to Volunteers" email. I can see how helpful that would be to prevent having to retype it each time!

    You are not alone in mentioning this, and I definitely think having our product team take a look a this again! Would you mind sending that feedback to our team by submitting a feature request here.

    I hope this helps :) 

  • Hey all! I'm wondering how I can remove someone from the list of suggested volunteers in a role, if someone moves away, or is just no longer serving in that role (but still around and serving in other roles.)

    Is there a way to do that within Volunteer Management, or do I have to archive the person's profile? 

  • @kaitlyn

    Thank you for your question!  I believe you are talking about the "Recent Volunteers" screen.  People will show on that screen if they have volunteered anytime in the last six months.  After that time, they will fall off the list.  If you have somebody who has moved away, you can always archive them.  That will also remove them from the "Recent Volunteers" screen.

    Hope this helps!