Volunteer Management - Invite Mode

Volunteers Invite Mode allows you to invite individuals to volunteer for roles at your event(s) based on the dates and roles that you send out to them. This article assumes that you've already started the set up of your volunteers - if you have not yet done the set up, please view this article first

Creating Sign Up Sheets

After you've created your initial roles for your event, we'll create Sign Up Sheets.

Click the blue button, "Manage Sign Up Sheets" in the top right corner.


If you don't have any sign up sheets already created, or if you want to make a new sign up sheet, click "Create a New Sign Up Sheet"

Choose which roles/teams and dates you would like to for this particular sign up sheets.  You can make as many sign up sheets as you'd like, so if you only want one role to go out to a group of people, only choose that role, and then we'll repeat these steps for your other role(s).

You can choose dates up to 32 future events for your users to volunteer for. 


Then create a name and message for your sign up sheet.  The name of your sign up sheet will also be the subject line of your email message that will go out to your volunteers.


Choose from the additional options: 

  • Allow users to view names of people who have already signed up
  • Allow users to sign up for more than one role for a single event
  • Allow users to sign up for roles that are already filled
  • Also send this invite as a text message



After you've got the invite looking exactly how you'd like, click "Create". Now you can send the signup sheet to your potential volunteers through invitation! 

Inviting Volunteers

After you've created your sign up sheet(s) you can invite volunteers to sign up.

From the blue "Manage Sign Up Sheets" button, click the "Invite Volunteers" button on your sign up sheet.

You'll be able to select "recent volunteers" (anyone who has volunteered over the past 6 months in one of these roles)


Or search for a specific person:


Or look for a specific tag to invite: 


Click individual names from the list that appears or choose "select all" in the lower left corner to invite everyone in the results field.

Choose "Invite to Sign Up Sheet" and they'll receive the email that you crafted in your sign up sheet inviting them to volunteer for specific roles/dates.

Note: You are unable to change the email that the sign up sheet comes from. If you would like to Resend your Sign Up sheet to your invited group OR specific people from that Group, Select Manage Sign Up Sheets > select "View Invited Volunteers" (In the drop down menu) for the desired Sign up Sheet > Resend Sign Up Sheet.

If you have a volunteer that has already signed up for specific dates, but they realize that they need to change a date, they will need to notify you to have that changed. You can go into the schedule and delete them from the date that they cannot serve. If they would like an invitation resent to them, here are the steps to take:

1. Go to Grid View
2. Choose the Gear Icon
3. Choose Manage Sign Up Sheets
4. Choose the dropdown beside "Invite Volunteers"
5. Choose the "x" beside "Responded" next to the specific volunteers name.
6. Then, add them back in as a volunteer to be invited and send the invitation.

Note:  You can now reuse or edit the schedule by clicking on the original sign up email.

Below is an example of the email your users will receive inviting them to volunteer for the roles and dates you've included in your sign up sheet. 


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  • First, I want to say THANK YOU for these great improvements to volunteer scheduling! Yay! This is going to make scheduling SO much easier on several fronts. 

    But, I do have a couple questions...

    1. Is there a way to invite multiple tags to sign up on the signup sheet? If I could add multiple tags, that would mean sending one signup for each monthly worship volunteer signup, which would be AWESOME! 

    2. Is there a way to attach documents to the signup invitation such as instruction sheets in PDF form? 


  • @tiina

    Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to the breeze community!

    There's currently not at way to invite people to multiple tags all at one time. However, you Can invite them one by one! It's not the Breeziest option, but definitely possible. 

    Additionally, the attachment capability is available for Volunteer notifications, But not for the initial sign-up sheet invite email. I am looking Further into this to see if it is expected behavior!


    Please let us know if there is anything else we can do deserve you!

  • I like the Beta version of volunteers, and have a question.  Is there a way to customize the sign up sheets with specific times?  We have an event coming up that is from 3-6, and I need a way to sign up for 1 hour shifts within the 1 event. Thanks!

  • Hi! Will volunteers need to have a login for Breeze to sign up, or will it automatically have their name attached if they click the link via the invite email?

  • @judy

    Thanks for reaching out to the breeze community!

    Yes! You would do this by simply customizing the name of the role to include the time. For example: Prayer Slot 8:30am-10:00am. 

    This will allow you to have people sign up for the specific role time that they want!

    Prayerfully, this is helpful for you!


  • @shumphreys

    Thanks for reaching out to the Breeze community! They wouldn't need to have Login access to be invited for an event, but they will need to have their profile in the database! As long as you have their information in Breeze, they can be invited to Sign Up and they can Accept it as well. 

    Let us know if there's anything else that we can assist you with!

  • Thank you! 

    When I go to grid mode, I see the option to view or hide blockouts. How do blockout dates work? 

  • @shumphreys

    Thanks for reaching out to the Breeze Community! Block out dates are a very useful tool and Volunteers can block out dates that they wont be available through a notification email that looks like this:


    The Volunteer will be able to select the button in the email and then select dates that they would not like to serve!

    Hopefully this is useful for you, If you have any additional questions please let us know!

  • I want to second Tina's comments:


    First, I want to say THANK YOU for these great improvements to volunteer scheduling! Yay! This is going to make scheduling SO much easier on several fronts. 

    But, I do have a couple questions...

    1. Is there a way to invite multiple tags to sign up on the signup sheet? If I could add multiple tags, that would mean sending one signup for each monthly worship volunteer signup, which would be AWESOME! 

    2. Is there a way to attach documents to the signup invitation such as instruction sheets in PDF form? 


    I agree that this will hep with scheduling, and would like to add on to Tina's points:

    1. Being able to schedule multiple roles at once is important to us. There are three levels of improvements we'd like to see:

    *** The big ask: that we could tailor each role to a tag. We have people who are trained to be communion servers who would also be willing to be ushers, but we also have ushers who are not trained / are not interested in being communion servers. We have people who are willing to be greeters, others willing to be readers, others willing to be both. Ideally, we could restrict each role to a tag, so that people would only be invited to those roles they are tagged for (interested in/trained for).

    Yes, we could do them each separately, and have been doing so with the old system, but it meant some people got 5 invites for each worship service, and we had to rely on them to remember that they had already signed up for something. Having the same sign-up sheet appear for all those invited, with roles to which they are not invited being hidden, would make this very easy.

    The way I see it is 

    ** If not the big ask, then Tina's ask: that we be able to select multiple tags. At the very least, this would let us generate one sign-up sheet, even though people would be invited to volunteer for things for which they are not trained / in which they are not interested. 

    * basic ask: If neither of the above, could we at least be able to use the folder in which the tags reside? Breeze lets us search for people by selecting a folder, and it responds with the list of people who have any of the tags contained in the folder. I would love to be able to click the "Worship Roles" folder to get all the volunteers with tags in that folder.

    I have worked around this by creating another tag, "All," inside worship roles, but it will be one more thing for me to maintain.

    2. Variation on the "Attach a document" is the ability to embed an image.  I had been doing this with the old volunteer system to include our church's emblem:

    This familiar image reassured members that the message was from the church. (Yes, it could be forged, but we're small enough that I don't expect anyone to go to that trouble.) I'd love to be able to include it in the invitation emails.

    Still, Breeze does make the life of this half-time pastor easier, and for that I'm grateful. If we could have a little more power in inviting volunteers, it will give me more time to work on other parts of the ministry here..




  • @unitedeureka

    Thanks for reaching out to the Breeze Community and thank you for this brilliant feedback! All of these comments are seen by our Product Team and will be surveyed appropriately. We truly appreciate your contributions to helping Breeze be useful for as many churches as possible!



  • This looks promising.


    Can you create/copy a "public" link to the sign up sheet?  Perhaps I want to promote a sign up opportunity in the bulletin or some other communication outside of a specific email.  Would this be possible?

  • @ericd

    Great question! That functionality is not currently programmed into Breeze. We have had a few other customers requested, in our product development team is currently looking at it. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to let us know! 



  • +1 on the public URL sign up for the new volunteer invite beta. Clearly that will be hard to program since there wouldn't be a direct link to the user's account in the database but it would still be incredibly helpful for dissemination through websites, social media accounts, etc...

  • Thanks for the feedback here, @michael!

    We will pass this information on to our Product Team. 



  • Hi there! I've been experimenting with the Beta and have run into a problem. Once people click "Submit" on the sign up form, they aren't able to access it again. This is a problem because people will click the button to early, but then they can't go back in to access the form again. Any chance this is in the works? 

  • @pastor

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum! Unfortunately, that functionality isn't available currently. We have had several requests for this feature and our Product Team has this under heavy consideration. Thanks for your feedback here!


  • We're also VERY interested in a 'public' sign up sheet. I have many outreach volunteer opportunities that I'd like the whole church to be invited to sign up for, but don't want to send out an email for every volunteer opportunity. That being said, I'm so thankful to see the Breeze has been working so hard on this Volunteer feature! Thanks for an awesome product!

  • @chriszuraff

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum with your Feedback! We are working diligently to make sure that this is a feature that can give maximum functionality to our customers. Stay tuned for the updates and feature enhancements as we go along!

  • I want to add my request to keep the sign-up invitation link active after a volunteer clicks submit to the others' comments and requests.  This is the largest limitation I have run into in Volunteer 2.0.  We currently only have 1 of our events moved over to Volunteer 2.0 and this limitation is giving me pause in transitioning the others over.

  • @Aimee

    Thanks for taking the time to add your feedback to the Forum! We appreciate it very much. We will certainly be taking all of this feedback seriously in our development of this feature. 


  • Is there any way to send out a sign up sheet that would include multiple events?

    We have people that volunteer within the service and in the nursery, as well as two services each Sunday, with Sunday School in between. This would mean people getting many invites to sign up for different events and having to keep track of them separately.

    Having one sign up with multiple events merged would be nice!

  • Hey @adrianalmeida, 

    That's a great question!  The way to do this is to keep everything in one event, and then assign multiple roles when you do the signup sheet.  When setting up the signup sheet, scroll down and select "Allow users to sign up for more than one role for a single event."

    I hope this helps!

  • Hi Rob,

    That’s what I assumed would be my only option.

    And just so I’m not missing anything...

    The way I would go about it is that I would create a “Sunday Volunteer” weekly event, and then keep my separate events for each program that day to keep track of attendance and differences with name tag printing?

    (I just want to make sure I’m going about this the best way, and not missing something obvious.)

  • Hey @adrianalmeida,

    Thanks for responding.  That sounds right, but I'm going to follow-up with you privately to understand a little more about your particular situation.


  • I am trying out the Beta volunteer for an upcoming event, and see a couple of recommendations that would improve the functionality and ease.  

    1.  Having a link to share as in the forms feature would be most helpful.  For our use, we could easily miss someone having a chance to volunteer because I don't know they want to.  I hope you will consider adding that feature.

    2.  For multiple sign ups within an event, it would be helpful to be able to rearrange the sheets in the order you would like them, in case you add another time slot, so that it would go in the correct order of the like shifts.  Otherwise, when you print the schedule in pdf, they may not be in the correct order. Maybe there is a way to do that, but I don't see it.  Time slots are needed for what we do.

    3.  The mobile device (ipad or phone) beta version....when you preview the sign up sheet, there is no way to close tha window, and you have to go all the way back out of breeze and go back to the event and al the steps to get to the sign up sheets. That's a little cumbersome.

    These are just a few thoughts I've experienced, and hopefully will help strengthen the feature!


  • @Judy Thank you for your feedback we appreciate the input! 

    1.  At this time this is not a current feature of Breeze, but I will pass this along to the team! This has to do with a person having to be in the database under "People" in order to be scheduled as a volunteer. 

    2. You are absolutely able to do this! You can Modify Roles which will allow you to "Drag and Drop" the roles and the teams in Volunteers 2.0. This allows you to restructure how options appear, you can move your teams or roles around. You can do this under "Modify Roles" which can be found under the arrow beside either "Manage Sign Up Sheets" (in invite mode) or "Send Schedules to Volunteers" (in assign mode).

    3.  Aw yes! Thank you for this feedback, I can totally understand how this could be cumbersome. At this time the Breeze App is currently a "wrapper" of the website. Anytime you open an external item it gets "Stuck" On this page, this is true of the signup sheet or even a pdf document saved in a profile. This causes you to have to exit the app and restart. This is because it is taking you to an external page. Unfortunately, at this time there is no good workaround for this, best practice would be to manage Volunteers and Sign Up sheets from a computer. 



  • Just a quick question - I have not been getting e-mail notifications when a volunteer signs up and clicks submit in Volunteer 2.0 like we would when someone signed up using the old Volunteer invite e-mails.  Is this correct or is there a setting I'm missing?  This became a problem recently when someone used the Volunteer 2.0 Sign-up sheet e-mail to "opt out" of a role she was already signed up for.  Because we did not receive a notification e-mail when this happened we were unaware this role now needed to be filled again.  Hopefully that makes sense.

  • @messiahroseau

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum today! To my knowledge, 2.0 is performing as intended, but we will take a deeper look into this as Volunteer 2.0 is still being revised. I'll be submitting this for further review. Thanks for your feedback here!


  • When sending out invites to volunteers, can we send out to "Status" groups rather than tags?




  • @sbhadley87

    Great question! Unfortunately, no...you can only send out to Tags or individuals at this time! We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. 

    Please let us know how we can continue to serve you.