Volunteer Management - Invite Mode

Volunteers Invite Mode allows you to invite individuals to volunteer for roles at your event(s) based on the dates and roles that you send out to them. This article assumes that you've already started the set up of your volunteers - if you have not yet done the set up, please view this article first

Creating Sign Up Sheets

After you've created your initial roles for your event, we'll create Sign Up Sheets.

Click the blue button, "Manage Sign Up Sheets" in the top right corner.


If you don't have any sign up sheets already created, or if you want to make a new sign up sheet, click "Create a New Sign Up Sheet"

Choose which roles/teams and dates you would like to for this particular sign up sheets.  You can make as many sign up sheets as you'd like, so if you only want one role to go out to a group of people, only choose that role, and then we'll repeat these steps for your other role(s).

You can choose dates up to 32 future events for your users to volunteer for. 


Then create a name and message for your sign up sheet.  The name of your sign up sheet will also be the subject line of your email message that will go out to your volunteers.


Choose from the additional options: 

  • Allow users to view names of people who have already signed up
  • Allow users to sign up for more than one role for a single event
  • Allow users to sign up for roles that are already filled
  • Also send this invite as a text message



After you've got the invite looking exactly how you'd like, click "Create". Now you can send the signup sheet to your potential volunteers through invitation! 

Inviting Volunteers

After you've created your sign up sheet(s) you can invite volunteers to sign up.

From the blue "Manage Sign Up Sheets" button, click the "Invite Volunteers" button on your sign up sheet.

You'll be able to select "recent volunteers" (anyone who has volunteered over the past 6 months in one of these roles)


Or search for a specific person:


Or look for a specific tag to invite: 


Click individual names from the list that appears or choose "select all" in the lower left corner to invite everyone in the results field.

Choose "Invite to Sign Up Sheet" and they'll receive the email that you crafted in your sign up sheet inviting them to volunteer for specific roles/dates.

Note: You are unable to change the email that the sign up sheet comes from. If you would like to Resend your Sign Up sheet to your invited group OR specific people from that Group, Select Manage Sign Up Sheets > select "View Invited Volunteers" (In the drop down menu) for the desired Sign up Sheet > Resend Sign Up Sheet.

If you have a volunteer that has already signed up for specific dates, but they realize that they need to change a date, they will need to notify you to have that changed. You can go into the schedule and delete them from the date that they cannot serve. If they would like an invitation resent to them, here are the steps to take:

1. Go to Grid View
2. Choose the Gear Icon
3. Choose Manage Sign Up Sheets
4. Choose the dropdown beside "Invite Volunteers"
5. Choose the "x" beside "Responded" next to the specific volunteers name.
6. Then, add them back in as a volunteer to be invited and send the invitation.

Note:  You can now reuse or edit the schedule by clicking on the original sign up email.

Below is an example of the email your users will receive inviting them to volunteer for the roles and dates you've included in your sign up sheet. 


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  • I've been waiting to switch to 2.0 to see if any of the updates/concerns that others were running into were addressed. Has anything been changed since the initial rollout?

    I'm especially concerned about volunteers being able to see the sign-up sheet being able to be accessed after the submit button is clicked.

  • Hey @shumphreys,

    Great question!  Yes, we've made several improvements since we first released VM2.0 beta.  Also, yes, volunteers can now go back to their sign-up link to re-submit their responses or simply look at their signups.

    I hope this helps!

  • I would like to resend my invite to the entire group that I sent to originally.  I sent out an Invite for Sunday Volunteers that covered a 2 month period.  Now, after the 1st month, I would like to resend the invite to the entire group.  The information above seems to indicate that I can send to the entire group or select individuals.  But, when I go to Invited Volunteers I can only resend to those who did not submit a sign up, not to those who already signed up. Is there a way to send to the entire group again? Also, I have someone who 'viewed' but did not sign up.  The resend is not working for him. Thanks for any help you can give.

  • @suedudley661


    Great question! Unfortunately, there is not a way to resend this request to the entire original group, However, the group can re-access the request page to change their selections again by using the same link that was originally sent to them. We certainly apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you!


  • First I guess I'll add the request for a 'public' invite mode for sign ups, but I am asking for a different reason.

    We have many older members in the congregation and almost all of them seem to have a single email address that is shared between them.  When they are invited to volunteer it only sends I believe to the 'Head of Household' (can't 100% confirm this but from the feedback I've heard that is where I'm leaning).  Often time both the husband and wife would like to sign up to volunteer but they have no way of doing that since they are only getting the email one time between them.  It would be extremely helpful for us if they were able to make us aware that they both plan on participating.



    Pastor Devin


    (edit: it was pointed out to me after I posted by my Family Ministries director that she runs in to the same type of issue with some of her students and younger children because they do not have their own email so it is Mom or Dad's on file, she has tried to use it a couple of times but it is more of a hassle for her since families can only get one student signed up through her invite email) 

  • @smithdevinr

    This sounds like a great Feature Request! However, you will want to post it in the area designated for these requests to make sure it gets considered! Click here to Submitting Feature Requests



  • Is there are way to customize the text message that goes out when you select "also send this invite as a text message" in invite mode? 

  • @duptonpepincastle

    Great question! Unfortunately, this is a limitation of our Volunteer Management at this time. Feel free to submit this functionality as a feature request!

  • Is there a way for volunteers to switch with each other? If not that would help the administrator from having to delete and re add people.

  • Hey @llooper, 

    That's a great question.  As it turns out, there's not a way for volunteers to switch with each other through Breeze without going through an administrator.  However, if you'd like to submit a feature request, you can do so here:  Submitting Feature Requests.

    We're so glad you're a part of the Breeze Family!  Keep up the great work!

  • We love that it's easy for volunteers to sign up using the emailed sign-up sheets! And I see that users can look in their Breeze profile to see the events they're currently signed up for. However, is there a way to see in Breeze all (or any of) the sign-up sheets that you have been invited to?

    Our users would like to also be able to sign up while they are already logged into Breeze. Say they've logged in to check their giving, and then they remember that they need to sign up to volunteer. Or maybe they've forgotten all the events they've been invited to volunteer at, and want to see a list of their invites. Is there a place in Breeze where they can see this?

  • @amcarlson42

    Great feedback here! Your request is currently a limitation of Breeze, however, we think it would make a great Feature Request.  Take a moment to submit one here: Submitting Feature Requests


  • Is there a way to have some roles only available for certain recurring dates? For example, we only serve communion once a month, so I'd like there to be a role for communion assistant that is only available for our deacons to sign up for on the first sunday of every month.

  • @pastor, you can get this effect by creating a new sign-up sheet and adjusting the options.

    Go into the “manage sign-up sheets” menu and create a new one for “communion assistant”. You can make it so recipients can only sign up for “communion assistant” and then only check off the specific Sundays you want them to be able to sign up for.

  • @pastor

    @amcarlson42 is exactly right here! Please let us know if you need any additional information!


  • I am setting up the volunteer scheduling system for my church using invite mode. Will the leader for each role get an email notification when someone signs up for a slot? Also, how can I see the active sign up page to tell who all has signed up and what slots are still open?

  • Is there a way to create a signup link that I can post to our church FB page? The sign up sheet is great for people that have emails in our system, but we don't have all of those just yet. If we can get a generic link to use on social media, then people can click where they want to sign up, plug in their name and email address (like a form) and then we can update their profile in Breeze after we collect the email address.

  • @tucker

    Will the leader for each role get an email notification when someone signs up for a slot?

    • You can set up notifications to be sent to your Leaders!

    Also, how can I see the active sign up page to tell who all has signed up and what slots are still open?

    • As Volunteers accept/decline, you'll be able to see a running list of this in the Volunteers area for that Day!


    Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

  • Hey @cngastineau!

    Great question! Unfortunately our sign-up sheets currently require an email address so that the person's sign-up information can be attached to their profile. 

    One suggestion might be to create a "Pre-Sign up" form for social media platforms, and use it in a way to gather missing profile information so then they are able to then fill out the sign-up sheet. 


  • I'd like to add my vote to the request for a public link to the signup sheets. This would be SOOO helpful to get more people volunteering, beyond "the usual suspects". 

  • Please please please please add a public sign up option! Right now I'm using sign up genius and it's annoying and ugly to use, but most practical for our purposes. You can see the kind of thing we try and do here: www.unitedwalpole.org/volunteer

  • Hey @office and @pastor!

    We're always listening to what our churches have to say and how we can make ministry run a little smoother for you. In fact, several changes have made by our developers over the last few years from ideas found on our Feature Request page. 

    Here is a bit more information about how we evaluate feature additions to Breeze and where you can submit one of your own: Submitting Feature Requests


  • Is there any update on having a public link available? That would really be  a game changer for a lot of our sign-ups. 

  • Hi!

    Exploring the Invite Mode for Volunteers and hoping to make use of it with our Youth Group. One question that I have is, is it possible to allow a person who receives an invite to sign up more than once for a specific role?

    We are trying to create a sign-up sheet that includes an accurate number of who can generally help with a specific event along with the option to serve in other specific roles needed for this event too.

    When it comes to the general help role, we were hoping to allow parents who have multiple students in youth group to sign up for all their students who will help in this one invite. However, so far, we only see that it's possible to sign up once for a specific role.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide!


  • @pastordan
    I'm glad you asked! In the Additional Options of your Sign up sheet, you can "Allow users to sign up for more than one role for a single event." You'll want to look for this under "Manage Sign Up Sheet."
    Since the sign-up form is profile-specific (and is being sent to the email that is on the person's profile), it seems that you would need to sign up each person individually in this case. 
    I hope this helps!
  • My pastor and I set up a volunteer group and intend to use it once a week to invite people in the group to volunteer to usher. However, when I go into the event (this Sunday's worship service) and find the volunteer group it shows that all in the group have already been invited, so I can't send an email to find volunteers for this week in particular. I checked the coming weeks and at least 2 weeks out shows the same situation, that volunteers have already been invited.

    The problem with this is that if vols can only respond via the link in their email, that email sent apparently when the group was set up will be buried and not front and center in their minds. How do I undo that and go back to sending weekly invites?

  • @mkemp

    Thanks for reaching out to us today! We completely understand how this isn't the most "breezy" functionality here. Unfortunately, that link is the only way they'll be able to reach this sign up, so we've created an Article to give you the Best Practice here: Resend Invitation in Volunteer Management 

    I hope this information is helpful to you. Please let us know how we can continue to serve you!

  • Grateful for your team's awesome work and helpful support!

    Here's adding another +1 for copy-and-pastable public URLs for signup sheets. This feature would be hugely helpful in extending opportunities to serve to new folks whom we might not think to invite—say, through a link in a MailChimp email.

    If the functionality currently exists either to match Form respondents to existing People in Breeze or to create a new person if no match exists, couldn't folks who sign up by public URL be subjected to a similar matching process?

  • @pastor

    Thanks for taking a moment to reach out to us with your Feedback! I would highly recommend submitting this as a Feature Request. This is definitely something that would help push Breeze forward! Submitting Feature Requests