FAQs on setting up roles

Allow Access To or Restrict Access From 

Many times when setting up Users & Roles the question is asked "Do I need to select both allow access to and restrict access from in the role permissions?" So glad you asked about this! 

When creating or editing a role, you do not need to select both the allow access to and restrict access from options. You should select one or the other based on how you would like the role to handle new additional items added to that section. 

Allow Access To Restrict Access From Conflicting Permissions


  • If you choose to allow access it means that the role will only be able to see the specific tags, calendars, forms, etc. that you select.
  • When you add new tags, calendars, forms., to the database a role with allow access permissions you would need to update the role in order for it to have permission to view the new options. 

Only Access Certain People Scenarios

If you select Only Access Certain People > People Not in Tags > select a specific tag(s) anyone that is in that tag(s) will be restricted from the role you are creating, even if the person appears in other tags that Role has access to.

Let's imagine that Fred Flintstone is in the .Visitor2019 tag and in a Mens Ministry tag. In the example below, if I restrict the .Visitors2019 tag (through the People Not In Tags) this role would not be able to see Fred Flintstone, even though he is in the Mens Ministry tag too.  Image_2021-04-30_at_12.50.33_PM.jpg

Understanding View and Edit People Permissions

If a role that has access to view or edit certain profile fields (Permission People > View or People > Edit) in the database, when you Add New Profile Fields to the database, this role will have access to the new profile field by default. You would need to update the role and uncheck the new fields, if you do not want a role to have access to it. 

In the example below, originally this role had access to People > View > Name and Status (Profile fields). You will see by default when I added a new profile field (This is a new profile field.) this role is given permission to this profile field because it has access to view other profile fields. 

If you add a profile field and do not want certain roles to access that profile field, you would need to Edit the Role and unselect the field to remove this permission. 

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