Why would I use an outside giving platform if Breeze offers Online Giving?

Overview: While Breeze offers an in-house Online Giving and Text to Give option, we don't force you to use it. We also offer Online Giving Options Outside of Breeze

There are several reasons why your church may choose to use a different processor than the one that Breeze offers:

  • You were already using an online processor that automatically integrates with Breeze prior to finding and using Breeze! You would rather keep things the way that they are to not cause confusion for your members. 
  • You explore the options available, do some math calculations, and decide that paying an additional monthly fee in exchange for a (sometimes) reduced processing fee will actually save your church some money. We totally value the desire to steward your churches resources well! 
  • You would like to provide kiosk giving as an option. 
  • If you are using Breeze outside of the USA or Canada.


Keep in mind, if you use an outside giving platform members will not be able to manage their online giving / recurring giving from within Breeze.


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