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At Breeze, we have two blogs that are published regularly. You may click the links below to subscribe:

  1. Our Advice Blog.
    This is written by a pastor in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, who seeks to help our churches simplify and give insight into different lessons he's learning in ministry. Published weekly on Thursday.
  2. Our Product Updates Blog.
    This is our blog to show you the updates we have rolled out recently. It is published monthly.

Who Receives These Blogs?

The Advice Blog is sent out to those who have subscribed to it. Both blogs can be subscribed to simultaneously from our Breeze webpage or you will also receive a prompt to opt-in when starting a demo! 

The Updates Blog is sent out automatically to anyone with "Account Settings" permissions in their Role (see "Editing a Role" for more information), plus anyone who has subscribed to it.

(Note: It just has to be one of the permissions under Account Settings. Not all of them.)


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