How to Restore a Former Breeze Account/Subdomain

If your church canceled their Breeze account in the past but wants to use Breeze again with their former subdomain (website address) and information, we may be able to make this happen! This will depend on when your account was canceled.   

If Your Account Was Canceled Less than 6 Months Ago

  1. Confirm with us that your old account still remains in the database. 
  2. Create a new, temporary account at
    Let's assume this is for Calvary Church and you previously had You may wish to create an account called or something similar. You will not keep this subdomain as it is only temporary.
  3. Contact the Breeze Success team and we would be happy to merge your old account with your new one.

Note: Merging your old account to your new, temporary account will replace any new information in your new, temporary account. You cannot keep both.

If Your Account  Was Canceled more than 6 Months Ago

After six months, your church's data will have gone through our server's process for permanent deletion and we are not able to bring your data back at this point. 

You may, however, still use your former subdomain (web address) if you wish. Simply search for that subdomain when signing up again at

Note: If you do not see your subdomain listed when signing up again, it is possible another church claimed it after six months from when you initially canceled.

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