How to include a Pager Number for Check-In?

Some churches might use a pager system to notify parents if a child needs them. Breeze has a great solution for this within our Check-In system! Here's how:

  1. When Customizing Your Check In Name Tags, choose the "Prompt" option from the dropdown list to be included on the nametag.
  2. When checking people into an event, a small window will pop-up for each person, prompting for additional information to be included.mceclip0.png

    Note: Clicking "Cancel" or left blank and clicking "OK" will simply bypass the need to type anything and a nametag will still print out.

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  • Hello. This article was helpful, however, the prompt option appears to not be functioning as desired. We have the prompt option selected for both the parent and the child tag, but when the child is checked in, the prompt does not appear - though it used to pre-COVID. Please help : )

  • Hello @rdonohue,


    This is Annie with Breeze! I am so sorry to hear that it seems the prompt option does not appear to be working! I know how important it is to get that up and running! This may require some digging into, so I am sending you an email where we can continue this conversation! :) 


    I look forward to hearing back from you! 


  • Hello, Just wondering if this issue ever got resolved in you system? we are looking to implement pagers into our kids min. and used this guide but the same issue resulted as above

  • Hello Jordan. To fix the problem on our end we had to delete and recreate the event, as well as run a bazillion updates on the computer where the kid's check-in occurs. I'm not sure how that fixed anything, but it worked for us. Good Luck

  • Hello, 

    If I am reading this correctly, Breeze does not offer any sort of pager capabilities, but allows for the information to be placed on the printed tag for the child. Is there any conversation going on about adding the pager system to the check in area?



  • @blake

    I would love to answer your question about whether or not Breeze has any sort of pager capabilities.  You are reading correctly that you can put a pager number onto the printed name tag for a child as detailed above.  However, there is not any sort of built in pager system in Breeze.  I'm not aware of any talks of adding something like that at this time.

    Of course, you can always share any ideas you have in the form of a Feature Request.  You can do that here: Submit Feature Request.

    Hope that helps!