Check Scanner For Entering Contributions

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    I'm trying to fully understand the check scanner benefits.  I can't really see that it does much besides keep you from having to manually type in the giver's name (at least, after the first use).  It doesn't link to your bank to do remote deposits, correct?  Am I overlooking the pros of the scanner?  If not, does Breeze have any plans to implement check scanners that would both scan to givers and perform remote deposits?

    I appreciate your feedback!  Thanks!

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    Stephen Ivey


    Great question here! The primary pro of having the check scanner is to keep you from having to manually type in check numbers when adding checks. In addition to that, it also saves the association so that when you scan the check in the future it automatically recalls the right person! 

    As of right now, I don't think there are any plans to have remote deposits as a part of the Breeze functionality… However, if this is something that you desire to have for your church, feel free to submit a feature request!

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