Check Scanner For Entering Contributions

The check scanner reads basic information from a check and enters it into the appropriate boxes in the Add Contributions page of Breeze.

It will read and input: 

  • Account number
  • Check number
  • Method

It will not read:

  • Name
  • Amount
  • Memo line

How it works

Basic usage

Ensure that it is plugged into the wall and the computer. Make sure the green light is on.

Make sure that on the Add Contributions page, you have selected "Check Scanner" as the entry method.


Simply feed a check (right side up) into the left side of the check scanner. The check will go through the scanner and come out the other side.

When it scans, it looks for previous contributions using the same account number. If it finds one, it makes the association. Associations are not stored in the Associations section of Breeze.

The first time a person's check is scanned

When a person's check is scanned for the first time (i.e. there are no previous contributions with that account number), you will be prompted to enter a name for that check.

Enter a name and amount, then click Add Contribution.


When a person's check is scanned (not the first one)

When a person's check is scanned (and there are previous contributions with that account number), Breeze will automatically input the name of the person you associated it to the first time. Keep in mind, this association is made by the account number.

All you have to do at this point is enter the amount and click Add Contribution.

Note: If you enter the wrong person you will need to do two things: 1. Edit the contribution to the correct person. 2. You will then delete the association. The next time you scan that check it will prompt for the person association.

Why isn't it working?

There are a few basic things that can cause the check scanner function in Breeze to not work properly.

The customer is using the wrong check scanner

Breeze only supports one check scanner: the Mini MICR, 3-Track MSR, MICRSafe USB Keyboard Wedge (22551002). Older/different models are not supported, and thus we are not able to guarantee that they should work with Breeze.

The checks are uniquely/differently formatted

The check scanner is programmed to read the standard format of checks. Some smaller banks format their checks differently. Running it through the check scanner will cause numbers to be input in the wrong places. This is not a Breeze issue; it's an issue with the format of the check.

It is possible to reprogram the check scanner to read a different format, but it is not advised because then it will not read the standard format correctly.

Someone's check did not associate because it is coming from a new account

If someone has multiple checking accounts and has already given from one, that association will be in Breeze. If they give from a different account, however, they will need to associate that one as well (since the association is made by the account number).


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  • I'm trying to fully understand the check scanner benefits.  I can't really see that it does much besides keep you from having to manually type in the giver's name (at least, after the first use).  It doesn't link to your bank to do remote deposits, correct?  Am I overlooking the pros of the scanner?  If not, does Breeze have any plans to implement check scanners that would both scan to givers and perform remote deposits?

    I appreciate your feedback!  Thanks!

  • @kjohnson

    Great question here! The primary pro of having the check scanner is to keep you from having to manually type in check numbers when adding checks. In addition to that, it also saves the association so that when you scan the check in the future it automatically recalls the right person! 

    As of right now, I don't think there are any plans to have remote deposits as a part of the Breeze functionality… However, if this is something that you desire to have for your church, feel free to submit a feature request!

  • How would breeze handle where two sisters share the same bank account.  When they write a check they circle which one is doing the giving (and their signature is different).

    Also, isn't there a QuickBooks sync for deposits?

  • @david

    Thanks for reaching out with your questions!  I think the best way to handle the situation you describe would be to add the contribution by Person not by Check Scanner for the sisters.  Using a Check Scanner will only save the check information to one name.

    As for your Quickbooks question, you can see an article on that here: Quickbooks.