Directory changes and template did not save


  • Sometimes you will have the need to update a directory template or to save a new directory template. After you have hit "Update and Download", you return to Breeze by using the back button on your web browser and become frustrated to see that all of your hard work and changes were not made/saved to the template. Have no fear, we can easily fix this for you!  


  • The back button. When you use the back button from the directory to access Breeze again, it is taking you back in the system and your changes appear to not be reflected in your account. 


  1. After hitting the back button to return to Breeze from the directory export, simply hit the refresh button on your web browser to reload the page. This should update your template with your changes and relieve all fear that your efforts have been lost! 
  2. Rather than hitting the back button, open Breeze in a new tab on your web browser. 



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