Contribution Filter Report for a specific group of People

Many churches like to run contribution reports based on the people in their database. Some example reports may include searching for people based upon:

  • A specific campus (for multi-campus sites)
  • Membership
  • Age-range
  • A specific class or Tag of people

Here is How to run a Contribution Report based off a specific People Report:

  1. Navigate to More > Contributions > Reports.
  2. Select a Date range (perhaps January 1 for this example) to see a list of people who have given since this date
  3. To filter by a specific group of people click on the "More" dropdown and then click on "People"
  4. Next, choose the "People" dropdown and then click "Set Filter"
  5. Select your filter
  6. For example, you can select any of the profile fields you have set up. You might select the "Campus" affiliation to see a list of those specific people or another example you might consider selecting "Tags > Contains" to choose one or several Tags to view people this way.



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