Inviting people to RSVP for an event (Legacy)


  • Sometimes you may have a special event at your church that you really want to get a headcount for, let's say you are having a cookout for a small group and you need to know exactly how many burgers to prepare. Rather than having members fill out a form that requires the setting up of a form, the filling in information and submitting, you can use a workaround in Volunteer Management (LEGACY)


  1. Create an Event
  2. Navigate to this event > Edit Event Settings > Volunteer (LEGACY)
  3. Click Add Volunteers and select the tag or tags you would like to invite to this event. 
  4. Click the Send Now in the Volunteer Notification: mceclip0.png
  5. Check the include RSVP box, and "Show More Options" in the bottom to customize your delivery method and message! 
  6. Hit "Send Now" to send your invitation with RSVP out right away! 
  7.  Here is a video on how to do this in your Breeze account: 

This is what the reminder/invite looks like when sent out (obviously customized with your message)


Additional Information:

  • If members do not have an email address/phone number in Breeze, they will not receive the invite/rsvp. 
  • The notification subject line says "RSVP Request (Church Name)
  • The response email will be sent to the User who sent out the email request. 



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  • Is there a way to share a link for an event that will lead them to the RSVP?

  • @muriel

    Great question! The specific functionality that you are requesting does not currently exist within Breeze. The best way to get close to this, would be to use the volunteer management area to invite people to accept or decline a specific event.

    Prayerfully this information was helpful.

  • I like the RSVP "work around" in Volunteers (Legacy) and using it a lot.

    I want to change the DEFAULT name and text that pops up for volunteer legacy rsvp reminders. It's now in our church administrator's name and says: you're scheduled to volunteer. She doesn't organize events and we're using this function mainly to RSVP for participants. So would like to have the default be myself as membership coordinator and say "Here's a reminder about the upcoming event. Hope to see you there." Specific people would still amend I hope, but at least if they missed that step it would come to me, and I would know what's going on and be able to notify the group leader.

  • @maryinvancouver

    Great question here! You can certainly change who the Reminders are coming from and the overall verbiage! See here: 


    I hope this helps! 

  • Hi

    What will happen after Sept 2020 with Legacy? RSVP is a good functionality to use instead of a form ..

    In many cases we just need a Yes or No to confirm information, not attendance and legacy provide that workaround flexibility.

    Please keep RSVP to email Tagged people.


  • Hey @braiden, 

    As of now, Legacy will be retired as of September 2020 but I think you make a great point.  Would you be kind enough to submit that as a feature request?  Here's the link: Submitting Feature Requests

    Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks @Rob

    Feature request submitted.

    I hope that can be created a RSVP for Events or extend the life of Legacy.