What Happens When You Merge Profiles?

When you have duplicate profiles for the same person, we definitely want to allow you to merge those profiles together. There are several areas of your Breeze account that may be affected as you merge those profiles together. 

Below is an overview of the areas that are affected when merging duplicate profiles together:

Whose information takes priority?

  • Person 2 is merged into Person 1 - the information in Person 2 will be overwritten and the information for Person 1 will be maintained if there is data in the same fields for both profiles
  • Profile Pictures - Person 1's photo will be maintained

How does this affect attendance records?

  • Attendance records - if both profiles are checked into the same event(s), the total attendance count for those event(s) will be reduced by 1 (Example: attendance for last Sunday's service is 130, it will be 129 after the two profiles are merged together)
  • If both profiles are checked into different events, their attendance records will remain for all of the events that each person was checked into (Example: Person 1 attended Sunday School and Person 2 attended Worship Service on Sunday. The individual's attendance records will show that they were checked into Sunday School and Worship Service after the duplicate profiles are merged.)

How does this affect Contribution information?

  • Contributions - Contribution information will be combined and entries for both Person 1 and Person 2 will be listed and accounted for

How will this affect Form entries?

  • Forms - If a form has been completed by Person 1 and Person 2, both form entries will still be visible in Form Results. Additionally, if the form entries were connected to each profile, the information listed for Person 1 will overwrite any conflicting information for Person 2 (Example: Addresses are different for each form entry, and the address for Person 1 is still maintained as the address in their profile field.)

How will this affect which tags each profile has been added to?

  • Tags - Tag information will be combined and the individual attached to a tag for both Person 1 and Person 2 will still be found in all of those tags (Example: Person 1 was in 12 tags, Person 2 was in 1 tag prior to the merge. Person 1 is now in 13 tags after the merge.)

Also, prior to merging the duplicate profiles together, it may be helpful to export or download the information for each profile into an Excel file to use a backup if you are unsure of information that may be overwritten or altered as you merge them together.

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