How can I reprint tags when needed?


  • Sometimes, you may need to reprint a name tag for a child because it was lost or damaged.



  1. Name tags cannot be reprinted within Breeze for Security reasons.  Therefore, if you need a copy of the name tag to be reprinted, you will have to check the child out and back in again.


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  • Can you please help me know what the security reasons are? We regularly have the need to reprint tags. 

  • @kevin

    Sure thing! Thanks for reaching out to the Forum today. Each Name Tag is printed with a random 3 or 4 digit security code that identically matches a Parent Tag. This code is different upon every Check In so that there is no way to duplicate it, therefore, giving us a greater level of security with who picks up a child. Once a Name tag has been printed, there is no way to print out another Tag with the exact same security as before. 

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience here. The best strategy, would be to re-checkin the child for a new Tag to print out.