How to find Non-Givers within a Date Range


When you generate a giving report, Breeze only registers if you have added contributions.  Therefore, if someone hasn't given, it flies under the radar because a contribution hasn't been added.  If you need to find people that have not given within a specific date range, you can follow the steps below for a workaround.

 To Find Non-Givers:

  1. First we'll have to create a tag.  Go to Tags > Select a folder > Click "New Tag" button on the top-right.  I would recommend titling it "Givers (Date Range)".  Example: Givers (1-1-19 thru 6-30-19).

  2. Then we'll generate a list of givers and assign them to that tag.  To do this go to More > Contributions > Reports, and select your date range.  Now, click on the button that has the person icon on it, just under the date.

  3. After clicking that button, click "More Actions" on the right.  Now click Assign to Tags.  By clicking the dropdown triangles find the tag you created and select it.  Click Assign.

  4. Now, go to People, and click on "Show More Filter Options" on the left-hand side.  Scroll down to the Tags Category and click the drop-down arrow for contains.  Follow the drop-down arrows until you can select the tag you've created.  This will pull up the list of givers.  

    Now, we want to include their family so that they are also counted as givers.  This way you won't generate a list that includes the spouse of a giver when you finally contact the non-givers. 

  5. Scroll up and click the drop-down arrow for Search Type (under the Other Category), and choose Family.  Now, Scroll up some more until you see "More Actions" on the right side.  Click More actions, then click "Assign to Tag."  Follow the drop-down tree until you reach your created tag, then click Assign.

  6. This is your last and final step.  Click on People again to refresh the page, click on show more filter options > Scroll down to tags, and now select "Does Not Contain."  Follow the drop-down tree until you reach the Givers tag.  This will generate a list of all the people that didn't give within your date range.



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