Where is the Action Panel in the Breeze App?


  • Let's face it, having Breeze in the palm of your hand makes things convenient; Allowing you the flexibility to update profile information, send emails and check people into events!
  • What is the Action Panel? - The Action Panel is our handy Navigation Menu often seen on the right side of your Screen. It's used for Emailing, Texting, Exporting and host of other incredibly useful functions within Breeze! 


Here's Where to Find it:

The Breeze App is currently a wrapper of our Website, and while visually a lot of the functionality appears to be consistent with the website version of Breeze, the action panel can appear hidden at times... So where exactly is it? 

If you click on People and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page you will see the action panel. The action panel actually slides to the right or left to reveal more options as well. 


The Action Panel in the app follows the same order as on the web-browser (from left to right): Email, Text, Download, Assign to Tags, Unassign from Tags, Map, Update People, Archive, Delete.  

You can certainly still choose to filter your list down as well using the filter option at the top of PeopleImage_2019-07-10_at_11.10.40_AM.png



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