Getting a Report of Non-Givers


At times you may need to run a report for non-givers.  However, because Non-Givers do not appear in giving reports, this will require an additional step than just running a typical giving report. Breeze only records your contribution entries. Because it is impractical to register $0.00 contributions, there is then no record to retrieve any stored entries.

To run a report:

  1. From the Dashboard > Go to More > Contributions > Reports > Select your date range.
  2. Then, switch to the graph view. (icon with graph bars just under the Date)
  3. Scroll down to Givers vs Non-Givers, and click the bar for Non-Givers
This will show for your entire database. To filter this down to non giving members use the "people" filter option and select status > Member. From here you can contact them by email or assign them to a tag for future reference. 





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  • the instructions at the end about the people filter is inaccurate and misleading. After followinf steps 1,2 ,and 3 you get a box with the info, but NO WAY to use "People Filter: to select Members. Friends, ETC.

    You have to export to excel, making sure you select status as acustom profile field to include, then sort from EXCEL.


    This is at best a poor workaround. Churches need to know when their members give nothing. This should be a part of the contributions report area.



  • @EmeryHurd

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.  In order to see the Graph View after you've run your report, you'll need to click on the button in the top left of the report screen that looks like this:

    Once you click on that Graph button, you'll see the graphs that are mentioned in the above article and will be able to scroll down to the Givers vs. Non-Givers Report.

    Hope this helps.