Getting a Report of Non-Givers


At times you may need to run a report for non-givers.  However, because Non-Givers do not appear in giving reports, this will require an additional step than just running a typical giving report. Breeze only records your contribution entries. Because it is impractical to register $0.00 contributions, there is then no record to retrieve any stored entries.

To run a report:

  1. From the Dashboard > Go to More > Contributions > Reports > Select your date range.
  2. Then, switch to the graph view. (icon with graph bars just under the Date)
  3. Scroll down to Givers vs Non-Givers, and click the bar for Non-Givers
This will show for your entire database. To filter this down to non giving members use the "people" filter option and select status > Member. From here you can contact them by email or assign them to a tag for future reference. 





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