Secondary Move-In Request


A Secondary Move-In Request is used to move in any additional Information that was missing from your initial Move-In. 


To do a secondary Move-In of data, you begin the process at

  1. You’ll be asked Who Should Move In Your Data?
    • Select “I Want Breeze to Move In My Data”
  2. Fill out the form fields, making sure to select "Second move in request"

  3. Finally, hit “Submit Form”

A Move-In Specialist will be in touch shortly after we receive your request. We are always here to help along the way. Don't hesitate to reach out if we may assist further.

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  • Dear Breeze Friends,

    I was so excited to learn that you were able to upload our Quick Books parishioner giving records into Breeze. However, upon inspection today, 3/4 of the parishioner's names and records did not transfer. Additionally, many of the giving records for those that did transfer were incomplete--a few Breeze parishioner giving reports actually listed giving information that was not even on the original QB records.

    I am hoping that we can figure out how to proceed. I look forward to the conversation.



  • Hi Keith!




    I am so sorry to hear that the import did not seem to go as planned! Our team wants to make sure that we get your data in as accurately as possible. We would love to connect with you to resolve this right away!  Would you be able to email us all the details of the data errors at

    We will be sure to get you taken care of!


  • Hi. This is a feature request. As an easier way to be able to contact and engage with donors it would be helpful if donor phone numbers could be required upon signing up. Thank you 

  • Hey @ashleyj,

    That sounds like a great idea! We have a great article that talks about Submitting Feature Requests. Feel free to submit that there. :)