PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)


New European regulatory requirements, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), will take effect on September 14th, 2019. 

Payments/Donations to organizations residing in the EU will now require additional authentication built into payment flows using at least two of the following three elements:


Image Source: Stripe

With the complexity of these changes, as of September 14th, 2019, Breeze will no longer support third-party giving pages or form payment connected to Stripe and accounts initiating payments from the EU. This does not affect organizations residing in the USA.

Scope as relates to Breeze 

Starting September 14th, 2019, European Customers who use:

  1. Breeze Third-party giving pages with Stripe or processing (where payment information is entered into the webpage provided by Breeze) will need to:
    1. Stop using Breeze's Third Party Giving Page and obtain a new SCA-Ready giving webpage directly from Stripe or, or 
    2. Continue using Breeze Third-Party giving pages using a PayPal SCA-Ready account. This giving page has been designed to redirects donors to your PayPal giving interface which provides the SCA-compliant checkout process. 
  2. Forms using a Stripe account outside of Breeze payments will need to: 
    1. Switch payment-enabled forms to PayPal payment processing which provides the SCA-compliant checkout process
While this presents a significant change to your current process (for online giving using Stripe or, Breeze is committed to making the tracking of member donations as easy as possible. You can import your Stripe or transactions into Breeze whenever you'd like (e.g. every week, month, quarter, etc) by exporting a file from Stripe or and importing it into Breeze. Breeze does not have an additional charge for this service - you only pay the Stripe or fees you've negotiated with them.
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