Notes in a person's profile vs Profile Field notes


There are two types of notes within Breeze. 

The first "Notes" (on the left side of each profile), are notes that can be entered for additional information on the profile. 

These notes are automatically dated and can be marked as private if desired.

Notes can have several purposes, but some primary reasons church's use notes is to write information specific to the individual, that doesn't necessarily require a profile field.

  • If a pastor has made a care call or visit, he can write notes in this area.
  • If a couple has a baby and needs a meal service set up, notes can be made about when and what they need.
  • Information on whether a person has passed a background check and the date they passed can be stored here.

The second "Notes" section is located in the Profile Fields Section.  These notes are more like essays on a form.  Of course, you can add notes here for a profile.  However, unlike the notes on the left side of each profile page, these notes aren't automatically dated, and cannot be marked private or not.  Additionally, these notes are searchable.

These notes can actually be marked private to specific users by editing Role Permissions to either give access to view and/or edit. You can also make these notes restricted from certain users by not giving them access to these profile fields.

Learn more about Notes here: Creating and Viewing Notes

Learn more about creating Profile Fields here: Customizing Profile Fields


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  • Is it possible to search for people using the first type of notes?

  • @mbabler

    Great question! However, this functionality is not possible within Breeze. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. Cheers!

  • Is there a way to get the first type of note, the one on the left column, to appear under a person's Details? 

  • Can you share the notes with a certain level of user?  It would be helpful for notes to be seen by certain staff but not other levels of users.  And other notes would be nice for all clergy to be able to read.

  • @patricia

    Thanks for reaching out to us! The notes area is a permission-based function and can be given to any role that you want it to be visible to. That simply means that you can give it to some users (based on their role) and restrict it from others. You can find it under the people permissions! See here: Editing a Role

    Please let us know if there's anything else that we can do to serve you!

  • Is it possible to search through notes? For example, we have 3 pastors making visits/calls. They log those through notes. Is there a way to search through notes as to what was made the past month?

  • Hello @office!

    It's great to hear from you today and that is a great question about whether or not you can search through notes! 

    Unfortunately, there is not a way to search through notes within Breeze. However, you could export them to an excel sheet and search through them there to see what notes have been made the past month. 

    To export notes:

    1. Navigate to the  "Account Settings" () on the top right
    2. Choose "Manage Account"
    3. Select "Export" (on the left)
    4. Select Notes
    5. Click "Export"

    I hope this helps! :) Let us know if you have any additional questions. 

  • I was trying to add a notes field to the Profile Fields SECTION for updates.  I decided that I didn't want to add it afterwards, but now I can't remove it (or get it to delete) from the set-up section.  Any advice?

  • Hey @judygibbs! Thank you for reaching out about this. I would love to help! :) 

    To delete Profile Fields: 

    1. Click the Profile Field you'd like to delete (In this case "Notes").

    2. Click the "x" to delete the Profile Field entirely, or simply one selection from the multiple choice, checkbox or drop-down selections.

    One thing to note is that there is a type of "Profile Field" called "Notes," that you may see on the left-side of the page. This can't be deleted as it is a template for your Profile Fields, but it will not appear in a person's profile unless you click on it and drag into one of the sections in the middle of the page!

    Here's a quick video walking through this: 

    I hope this helps!