Apply Address Changes to entire family


There are times when you need to change an address for an entire family but you don't want to have to enter it for every family member. There is a way!

To update an address and have it apply to all family members:

  1. Navigate to the person you wish to edit.
  2. Click the gray header over the section you wish to edit.
  3. Make the desired address changes.
  4. Click Show More Options and make sure the Apply address changes to all family members is checked.

  5. Click the save button on the gray header to complete your changes.



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  • Could you please tell me why this doesn't seem to be working.  I am updating our database and for some families who have moved and we no longer have a correct address, I've found when I delete the address of one, and make sure the 'Apply address changes to all family members' is checked, it does not change any of the other addresses.  I still have to go to each member to delete the previously entered address.

    Does the change only occur if the address is changed, but not deleted?  Do you have any suggestions?

  • Hey @office!

    I totally understand that this may not have been what you were expecting when it comes to this feature. I hope to bring an explanation that would explain why our system prioritizes the integrity of your data in the system:

    If you delete an address/home phone and have "Apply changes to entire family" selected, Breeze will not delete the address for the rest of the family - only for that individual. 

    This is the intended functionality. Consider these two situations:

    A family has a baby. The baby is entered into Breeze, but the address is not added right away. If blank fields updated the entire family, this would remove the entire family's addresses and home phones.

    Someone moves away to college. They don't know the new address, so they just delete the current address. If blank fields updated the entire family, this would remove the entire family's addresses.

    I hope this helps you and maybe any others that might be taking a deeper look into this feature!

  • It seems that this box is checked as a default. Can I change it so that it is not? Also if a member changes their own address does it change everyone else"s?

  • Hi @npdefcads!

    You are exactly right- this box is checked as default. Unfortunately, removing this default feature is not currently possible in Breeze. But if you'd like to leave us a feature request for this idea, you can do that here: Feature Requests

    Additionally, if a member logs in and edits their address, they will see the same box checked as default.

    I hope this helps!