Update to Breeze Texting

Breeze Texting Update as of October 2019

Recent changes within the telecommunications industry have made text message delivery a bit more complex. Without getting into the weeds, Breeze has used a "shared short code" for a cost-effective way to offer free text messaging (250 per month) with minimal opt-in requirements.

As carriers prepare to end support of these shared short codes, Breeze is making a move to a dedicated short code.

Our new dedicated number, powered by Twilio, provides the highest service dependability and message deliverability in the industry, allowing us to continue to offer 250 free text messages per month ($0.01 USD thereafter) with even higher deliverability rates.

What does this mean for you? 

All text messages (including volunteer reminders), will come from a new number.

If you’ve been using Breeze texting for a while, you’ve probably noticed that text messages would occasionally come from different numbers, even just days apart. This is because of the usage of a shared short code, where Breeze and many other companies would use the same number for messaging. Having a shared short code limited our ability to stick with the same number, among other things. 

But that time is coming to an end. Starting soon, all text messages from Breeze will be sent from the following dedicated number: 87447. This means your staff and members can save this number to their phones and always know who’s texting! 

Stronger Opt-in requirements must be followed. 

Moving to a dedicated short code means stronger adherence to opt-in procedures, set forth by industry regulations. After all, none of us like getting messages we don't want or didn't sign up for.

New Confirmation Lead Message  

We’ll help you inform your members about their messaging options by automatically sending them the first time they receive a text message from your Breeze account. This message is sent just before we pass along your message or reminder.

Things to know:

  • Breeze handles this automatically and there’s no action required on your end. 
  • This first-time confirmation message, sent only once to each number, is free to the church and will not go against the free 250 messages per month count. 
  • This message will include the name of your church and information on how they can opt-out of texts if desired. 

Here's an example of what your membership will receive: 


Again, this new confirmation message is only sent once (the first time a phone number receives a text message from your Breeze account). 

Adherence to Opt-In/Opt-Out Procedures, Going Forward

In addition to Breeze sending the confirmation text prior to the first message you initiate in the system, you must also provide the following opt-in verbiage to all new contacts in Breeze. 

This opt-in verbiage can be shared with individuals either in writing or verbally. 

Written Opt-In:
Simply add this message to your membership registration, or post it visibly within the church office:

"We occasionally send text message reminders and alerts to our membership. Message and data rates may apply. To opt-out of those messages at any time, reply with STOP and you will be removed from all messaging. For further information, visit breezechms.com/terms-of-service."

Verbal Opt-In:
As a convenience for situations where no registration information is collected, we ask that you share the following information with your members verbally:

"We occasionally send convenient text message reminders and alerts to our membership. Message and data rates may apply. To opt-out of those messages at any time, reply with STOP and you will be removed from all messaging. For further information, visit breezechms.com/terms-of-service."

Use built-in Breeze features to help you adhere to opt-out requests! People who do not want to receive text messages can either:

  • Reply to a text message with the word "STOP." (This will disable all text messages from Breeze, including volunteer reminders.)
  • Have the mobile phone on their Breeze profile marked as "Do Not Text." (This will prevent the profile in question from receiving group text messages sent through Breeze but they will still be able to receive individual text messages and volunteer reminders.)

    To do this:
    • Navigate to the individual's profile in Breeze
    • Check the "Do Not Text" option beneath the Mobile Phone field


The Goal: Text carriers are interested in protecting the rights of recipients and therefore require opt-in adherence. Be sure to inform people of why and when they may receive text messages from you and allow them to opt-in or opt-out of those messages.


As stated in our Terms of Service, texting through Breeze cannot be used for marketing purposes. Texting is meant to be used for reminders and alerts only.


Breeze Texting FAQ

When will these new changes be live in my account? 

As with any change, we like to take it slow "turning the switch" in increments over the next several weeks. All accounts should be texting through the new number by mid-November. 

Does this change affect our Text to Give number? 

No. Text to Give is a totally separate service and not affected by these changes. 

We currently get messages from 989-75, how is switching to 874-47 any different? 

The current number (989-75) is a shared short code (one number shared by several businesses). Operating with a shared short code is cost-effective while providing businesses access to texting services. 

The new number (874-47) is a dedicated short code, (a number used only by Breeze accounts). The cost of providing a dedicated short code is significantly higher but comes with the advantages of higher deliverability and dependability. 

Is there a way to achieve opt-in via text message instead of written or verbal opt-in? 

No. The point of the opt-in is to obtain consent prior to sending the first text communication with a given person. With that said, going forward, using a written or verbal notice that you occasionally send messages via text meets provider and carrier requirements.

In addition, a confirmation text (different in that it provides opt-out direction) is automatically sent with the first text from your Breeze account. These confirmation messages are sent automatically and at no charge to your Breeze account. 

Will this change text pricing? 

No. Pricing will remain unchanged. First 250 texts/month free; then $0.01/text

Does this change include the ability to text more than 160 characters?

No. Short code messaging does not support long text formats.

Are we notified when someone chooses to opt-out of text messaging, can I get a list? 

Viewing account History > Text will show you if someone is not receiving text messages sent because they have opted-out. While this information is not available in list form, it is consistent with current deliverability reporting.  

Do these changes apply to International texting? 

No. This update will only affect US based messaging.  

Can I get an exact date this change will take effect? 

That's a tough one. A set schedule is not being published as it is subject to change based on closely monitoring the implementation phases, making any adjustments as needed to ensure the continued deliverability of all messages. The first round of Breeze accounts to make this change will be on October 30.

When people unsubscribe from text messaging, how can they opt back in? 

When someone replies "Stop" to your text thread, they are notified they have been unsubscribed. Within that same message, they are given direction to reply "Start" to resubscribe.  They can simply text the short code 874-47 the word Start to resubscribe to receiving text messages. 


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  • Is this why I am no longer getting the texts from the church? I inquired about it a few days ago and was told that it must be a problem with my cell phone carrier... Now I see this and don't know that I believe that answer I was given which really sucks because I've spent hours on the phone with my carrier because Breeze tech support assured me it wasn't their issue.

  • Is there a way to include the opt-in message for the first time any new contact gets their first message? Wouldn't that be easier than verbal or written notice? 

    For example; we add a new contact that filled out a connection card and the first text they get comes with the opt-in message? 


  • Will we be able to print a list of those that opt out?

  • Thanks for the great questions. 

    I've added FAQ to this article covering these questions and more. 

    Happy texting :) 

  • Devin,

    I've sent you a direct message via email addressing your specific concerns. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance, we're here to help. 

  • Given that Canadian laws are somewhat stricter that the US ones regarding this issue, I'm curious to know how and when these tools will be available to your international clients. Also, if someone changes their mind and would like to receive texted reminders, how do we direct them to opt-in?

  • Morning, Kathy. 

    As your question is a little more complex, I have sent you a response via email. 

  • Thank you so much Julie!

  • I understand the opt in protocol. 

    My problem is I have people who accidentally opted out by typing STOP, and now they want back in.

    Exactly how do they do that???

  • @emeryhurd

    Great question! If you had the numbers of those who opted out, simply send us those numbers and we'll make sure that they are removed from our suppression list. Unfortunately, this is the best option for this scenario at this time. 


  • Question regarding texting - 

    Is there a way that when we text message a "tag" that we can delete certain people from the message? This is possible with email, but wondering if it could become a possibility for text messages. 

  • @emilyherset

    Great question! Currently this feature does not exist for text messaging, however, Feel free to Submit it as a feature request! Submitting Feature Requests


    Please let us know how we can continue to serve you!

  • Does Breeze have, or are you planning to add, the ability to have people text a phrase to a shortcode and receive an auto-response?  For instance, have guests text "New Here" to 87447 and then send them a form with a link to fill out a form and a message letting them know there is a gift card waiting for them?

  • @jahays

    Great question! This has certainly been mentioned from our customers as a requested feature! I strongly suggest adding your voice to the chorus of those who have also asked for this so that Breeze can see the need from the customer base! Click here: Submitting Feature Requests



  • Someone stopped receiving texting messages from us but now wants to receive them. How do I unblock them?

  • @iwona

    The only way (on the Breeze side) to remove someone from being texted, is to go to their profile, select the phone number and choose the "Do Not Text" option. If this is not checked/activated then there is a block happening on their side!


    I hope this helps!

  • Not to start a disagreement, but I don't believe that is fully correct.

    From the article on this page: https://support.breezechms.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012898713

    Unsubscribed (or "RESPONSE_MSISDN_OPTED_OUT_FOR_CAMPAIGN") means the recipient replied "STOP" to a text. This is a universal spam block code recognized by texting providers (like Breeze) and will stop your church from delivering any future texts to the phone number. After verifying the recipient would like to receive your texts, please contact us with their phone number to re-enable/unblock sending.

    We have had a few people do this either by accident, or later change their mind that they do want to receive the text reminders and we had to contact Breeze about having them re-enabled.  We found it by looking at the "Text History" section and realized that they were set to receive the messages but obviously something else had happened that was preventing it.  Hope it helps.

  • The person of interest is blocked although she says she did not block herself. Her text history shows that. How do I unblock her? Do I have to contact someone from Breeze?

  • Yeah it was as easy as contacting support with the blocked number and they got it taken care of.

  • @smithdevinr

    You are correct! In such case, US numbers should have the recipient text START or STOP to resubscribe or unsubscribe. Contact with Breeze shouldn't be necessary here unless you have further questions! 

  • When we send out a text - if the person responds to it where does the response go?


  • @office

    Great question! There is currently no functionality for Text replies, so those message simply go nowhere. Email functionality is the only thing that requires reply. 

  • Is there a way when we have sent out a text that the individual can then send a text back to you.  For example, when I send out emails through breeze they are able to reply back.  It would be nice and helpful if this was a possibility.  Please help.  Thank you!

  • Hi @kendram!

    You asked a great question about 2-way texting in Breeze. As our texting service is designed to be a one-way alerting system, I've found a workaround that you might find helpful. The only way to accomplish this would be in our article How to Text Links & Attachments, by attaching a Breeze form in a shortlink for your members to respond to. You can always try Pastorsline which is a 2-way texting service that integrates with Breeze! http://pastorline.com/

    I hope this helps!

  • We haven't started using the text service yet. What happens if someone replies - does nothing happen? There is no chance of an annoying massive group text happening, right? Assuming replies don't work, is there recommended language to add at the end of text telling people to not reply, but also telling them they can reply with STOP to no longer receive them? 

    Just trying to set this up the best way from the beginning, thanks! 

  • Hi @mollyruhlman!

    Thanks for reaching out! Texting with Breeze is super simple! It is a one-way communication tool and you are right, nothing will happen. The replies go nowhere! We help take care of the wording for you:

    Happy Breezing,

  • We’re just getting set up and doing some testing. In my account log it shows that two texts have been sent. We’ve sent some volunteer reminders over text as well. When I go to send a text, it says we have 240 texts remaining. Two questions: (1) do automatic volunteer scheduling reminder texts count against the 250? (2) If a text is sent to a tag with 10 people, does that count as one text or ten against the 250? Thanks!

  • Hello @Sstringer!

    Great question! Knowing exactly how Breeze counts your texts is important!

    To answer your question, each phone number that is sent the text message is considered one text. So, if you send out a message to 10 people, you will have used 10 texts. Utilizing texts anywhere in Breeze, including your volunteer management, will count toward your 250 text allotment.

    When using the text feature within Breeze, you have 250 texts a month to utilize. Any additional text going out over 250, has a very nominal fee of $.01. 

    In your Manage Account tab, you can set your account so that you are not able to exceed the 250, or you can enable your account to have unlimited texting, and therefore incur the $.01 charge for any texts over 250. 

    I hope this information brings clarity!

    Happy Breezing!