Volunteer Management Reminders

Volunteers allows for the ability to send 3 reminders to volunteers up to 21 days in advance. This allows for you to remind your volunteers of their schedules in an easy, automated way! 

How to Set Reminders

  1. Navigate to Events and select the event on your calendar
  2. Select Volunteers
  3. Click "Volunteers will receive 1 reminder" under one of the roles in your event 


You can then choose how many reminders you would like this Role to receive by toggling them on and off, and you can customize the details and dates of each reminder. 


How to Customize Reminders

When you click the mceclip0.png button you are able to edit the message the volunteers will receive:


Timing: Choose when this reminder should be sent, from 1 to 21 days before the event
Subject: Edit the Subject line of the reminder. 
Message: Customize what you would like the body of the message to say, use the mailmerge options to bring information about the volunteer and the event into the message.

Choose if you would like volunteers to be able to RSVP to this Reminder.

Choose if you would like this reminder to also be sent by text message. 

Choose if you would like to Only send to volunteers who have not RSVPed 

In the bottom left-hand corner, you will see that the reminder will automatically be sent from the role's leader between 12 pm and 2 pm. Note that the Leader is also the one to receive reply's and RSVPs if you have selected to include RSVPs.  If a leader has been selected when establishing Roles the leader will show directly below the Role: 


If no leader has been selected for a role, reminders will send from a noreply@breezechms.com and will not show in your email history in Breeze. 

If you would like to select a leader or adjust a leader you can do so by selecting the arrow next to Send Schedules to Volunteers and choosing to "Modify Roles". This will allow you to select a leader for each Role. 

How to Save Reminders

Once you have the reminder set as you would like it to appear, hit Done. When you have finished setting up reminders as you would like them click the green "Save for" button in the bottom right-hand corner. 


You can then choose to save the reminders for This Event Only, Save as Default for the entire Series, or Save for Multiple Roles. 

Save for this Event: This will save these reminders for this specific role, in this specific event (the calendar day you are working with). This is great if you have a very specific message you need to communicate with volunteers in a specific day. 
Save as Default for Series: This will allow you to save this reminder set up for this specific role for all future events in the series. 
Save for Multiple Roles:

This makes it easy to use this reminder configuration across multiple roles and teams. You can select what specific teams and roles should receive this reminder configuration. If you select the "Save as Default for Series" checkbox option before hitting Save for Selected Roles, it will save this reminder set up for the roles selected, in all future events in this series. 



Additional Information

  • Text messages sent from Volunteer Management Reminders will count towards the text limit.
  • Recipients will still receive text messages from Volunteer Management even with having "Do Not Text" enabled on their profile.
  • All event reminders now include a link to set blockout dates at the bottom of them. This allows volunteers to set their block out dates and mark themselves unavailable for future dates. 


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  • Can reminders be set up to include the time of the event?  I do not see an option for that currently.

  • @pastoraaronumc - If your event has been established with a time (not an all-day event) the reminder will include the time of the event, as shown below. Otherwise, if your event is scheduled as an all-day event, I have seen some churches Customize the Reminder to include the Event Time by manually typing in the body of the reminder somewhere the event time. I hope this helps! 

  • Can we disable the blackout date for members?  In other words, we don't want volunteers to be able to black out unavailable dates and would prefer to hide that option from them viewing.

  • Hey @joe at this time there is no way to turn off this option or hide it, as it is built into the platform in several different places. I appreciate you communicating the desire to hide this option, I will share that with the team!

  • I've used customized reminders successfully before. But today, when I created my list of volunteers and tried to customize the reminder, nothing happened when I clicked the gray box that says "Volunteers will receive one reminder". I tried clicking it a lot, and I tried opening it in a new tab, but the customization box did not open. I created a new fake list of volunteers under the same event to see if it would let me customize the reminder, and it did! But as I started adding the real volunteers I needed, the gray box became an inactive link again. What's going on? Do I have too many volunteers? I have 14.

  • @heather

    Thanks for reaching out to the Forum! What you're describing certainly isn't expected behavior. Is this Volunteer 2.0? Is this consistent? If so, I would suggest you giving us a call or sending in a Support Email so that we can monitor this and gather more details for a solution. 

    Thank you so much for you feedback here!

  • Is there any way to have the full list of scheduled volunteers by team for the week sent to the team lead as a part of their reminder rather than just having the individual RSVP responses?

  • @info

    Thanks for reaching out to the forum! Having the team lead receive a full list of scheduled volunteers by team is not something that would happen by default. However, they could go into breeze anytime and download this information as a PDF! They have the ability to send the same schedule out to all of the volunteers as well.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.

  • Hi. Thanks, but it’s really not what I’m looking for. I am aware of those options and while we are beginning to utilize them, what I am really looking for is an automated report that gives an overview of who has or has not RSVPd by a certain date to volunteer vs the individual responses that come.

  • Some of the reason behind this question is that we have a few in our leadership that are not technically savvy and struggle with checking the scheduled volunteers and it is better to send a list each week to them, I just would prefer to automate it so that I don’t have to remember to do it.

  • @info

    Great feedback here! Unfortunately, that functionality is not currently available as it is a limitation of breeze. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Our development team is still refining this particular feature and will take this feedback into consideration!

  • I would also love if we could disable the Blockout Dates feature. I don't want our volunteers telling us what dates they're unavailable, I want our volunteers to arrange swaps with other volunteers so that we don't have to do all that extra legwork on our weekends. Thanks!

  • @fehr

    Thanks for the feedback here in the Forum! We will pass this feedback on to our Product Team for Review. 

    If there's anything else that we can do to serve you, please let us know!

  • I am so pleased that you are providing a way to block out days. I have been doing this for years in a simplictic check list way. I have already asked my volunteers for this information. How can I manually block out these dates without asking them to redo something?

  • Is there a way for volunteers (or admins) to edit block out dates?  I put a few in as a test to show our leaders that do the scheduling how they look and now I can't find how to take them out?  Of course, I am scheduled on a day that I blocked out and I don't want it to cause confusion.  

  • @megan

    Great question! Unfortunately, the functionality for Block out dates only works for the person who is selecting the dates for themselves and cannot be edited or selected by admins. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause! However, we will document this as a request! 


  • @pwestin

    So good to hear from you! Similar to the previous response, you wouldn't be able to manually block out these dates for other people.  Currently, this functionality only works as a link being sent to your team. Once they click the link, breeze recognizes them (based off of their email) and allows them to set their block out dates. These cannot be edited by outside Users. I hope this helps!

  • In reference to my above questions about changing block out dates-they are my own dates that I’m trying to change. Is the only way to view that by a link via email?

  • @megan

    Thanks for the additional clarity here! Yes, the only way to view and change those dates is by the link via email. This can be sent from Volunteer Management or simply from the Email function on the people Screen as the Block out Date information is a Mail Merge!

    You'll be able to send that link and make edits to the blockout schedule immediately! I hope this helps. 

  • Loving Volunteers 2.0  So many extra features and fixes that just make it that much better.  Only thing I am missing personally is the text only feature for the reminders.  Seems to be the preferred reminder option for most of our "not so young" members :)  Would love it if that feature was available again.  Thanks!

  • @jeagles

    Thanks for your Feedback here! We are very excited about the new changes in Volunteers 2.0 and are continuing to monitor it's effectiveness for our customers. This feedback will be shared with our Product Team as 2.0 continues to evolve!

  • I have customized reminders in Volunteers 2.0 and saved them as the default for each event.  However, when I open up each event and check the reminder, my customizations are not there.  Is this normal or is something wrong?

  • I am having the same problem as erin above.  We had a request to add the link to the website we use for Sunday School curriculum added to our volunteer reminder e-mails.  Great idea!  I tried to add the link this morning but after I "save as default for the series" and go back in, the customization is not there, for any date.

  • I noticed the same problem as @Erin and @messiahroseau.  Previously I was able to customize the reminders but tried to make an update for this week and it would not save.  (I still have one team operating out of the original Volunteers and was able to edit their reminder).  Hope it's just a glitch that is fixed soon!

  • @erin @Messiahroseau @megan

    Thanks for reaching out to the Breeze Community!  -- We are currently tracking a bug within Volunteer Notifications that's causing this error. I will be taking your requests over into Breeze Support to follow up with you after it has been resolved! 

    Thanks in advance for your patience with us as we get this resolved. 

  • We have volunteers that are scheduled for multiple roles within one event (ex. acoustic & vocals) which causes them to get a separate email for each reminder. Is there a way to merge their reminders into one email?

  • Hey Amanda, 

    That's a great question!  Breeze combines the emails for people serving in multiple roles for a single event.  Do you have various roles in various events?  That might be different.

  • It's multiple roles in a single recurring event (Sunday service). This is a screenshot one of our volunteers that was scheduled in 3 worship team related roles sent us.

  • Hey @amanda,

    I responded to you via email.  You're right; persons with two roles will get two separate emails.  Would you be so kind as to fill out a new feature request for this?  This helps our team know what's most important to our churches as we create our next development roadmap.

    Here's the link: Submitting Feature Requests

    We're so glad you're a part of the Breeze Family!

  • I love the new functionalities in 2.0!


    I'm having just one issue:  I have a different team leader each week for our ushers across various services. The same person would not be getting the RSVP emails sent to them for each date within a series.

    It seems I cannot setup a repeating event for all my 3 services each Sunday with a different leader for the usher role each week.  

    In Legacy we could customize each reminder email each week and choose the sending email to get the RSVP's. Now there is not an option to do that in 2.0.  You can customize the message content, when the reminders will be sent, etc., but there is no longer a drop down to choose the sending/receiving email address.