Additional options for connecting the Brother Printer


In some unique situations, churches may have issues with utilizing the Brother Printer with Airprint capabilities. 

While there is not a way to connect the Brother Printer to the iPad through a direct USB connection, we have a few options for you that other churches have submitted to us as workarounds they have discovered. 

Because these are workarounds and not our best practice, we, unfortunately are unable to support/troubleshoot these options.  However, we wanted to be sure to provide them as a resource for those who may be having issues due to WiFi instability or using WiFi that blocks air printing features (many churches meeting at schools may run into this).  

Option One: Hardwire your iPad and Brother printer to your network

  1. Although iPads don't have ethernet connections, you can use a combination of a Lightning to USB 3 adapter, and an Apple USB Ethernet Adapter to connect your iPad to your network.  After you've connected the adapters, you'll just have to turn off the Wifi on your device.  This will automatically default to your Ethernet connection.
  2. Also, your Brother Printer has an ethernet connection.  You just have to connect it to your network and shut off the WLAN option to "Off". 

Additional Information:

Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter
Apple USB Ethernet Adapter: 

Option Two: Create a separate network

  1. Purchase a Wireless Access Point (does not have to be the one linked, could be something similar).
  2. Connect this to the internet at your location through ethernet. (This will, in turn, technically allow you to create your own independent wireless network off of the internet at your location).
  3. Connect the iPad and the Brother Printer to this network. (From what we have been told, you should not have an issue with the AirPrint feature at this point). 
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