Updating Thumbnail Pictures in the Breeze Check In App on a phone


Updating Thumbnail Pictures on the app can't be done with the phone in the normal Vertical position because the profile photo is not displayed. The phone must be turned landscape to edit pictures in the Breeze Check In App.

The steps to update pictures in the Breeze Check In app are:

  1. Make sure Enable Thumbnail Pictures Updating is checked in Event Settings for the event. 
  2. In the Breeze Check In App navigate to the event you want to check people in to.
  3. Turn your iPhone sideways to rotate the screen, which allows you to see profile photos.
  4. Click on the photo or the icon of the person you wish to update their photo
  5. Click Take Photo and take the photo and click Use Photo. Once you choose Use Photo the picture you just took will become the default profile photo. 


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