What does the email look like when you Send Schedules to Volunteers?

Here are some images to show you what volunteers see when they receive the schedules you send schedules from Volunteers (NEW).


Email without PDF Download


Email with PDF Download


Text Message Example sent from Volunteer Reminders

Note: Schedules may not include all of the dates selected, as our PDF generator will cut-off dates when it reaches the end of the first page. The number of dates included are dependent on the length of volunteer names. A typical one-page schedule may include between 6-12 weeks of events (roughly).




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  • Question about the image/logo at the top of the emails that get sent out. (It's the same when we "email volunteers" vs sending schedules, but the image attached to our account is an old logo. I have been trying to see how to change it and cannot find anything to help me. How do I access whatever I need to be able to change the logo/image that appears when emailing volunteers from roles? It never happened on the old volunteer management system. Thanks!

  • Hi @emily!

    You can easily update your church log by managing your account settings. This is normally a permission given to the top Breeze admins of your church.


    Hope this helps!

  • Is there a way to change the text that is sent in the email when you click "send schedules to volunteers"? The text that currently pops up says "Thanks so much for your willingness to serve at (church name)! Here is your volunteer schedule for the upcoming (event name) events." We change this to say something different every week and have to manually put it in. Is there a way to save the text that we want or change the default reply settings?

  • Hello, @emily!

    Thanks for writing in with that great question! Unfortunately, while we do offer you the opportunity to edit the email sent to your volunteers in the scheduling email draft section, there is no option to create a template to be saved for each time you send one of these scheduling emails. I would suggest creating an external email template and dragging the specific email into the text box before sending. So sorry for the inconvenience!