What happens when you choose "Check in By Family?"

When setting up your event there's an "Additional Option" to "Check in by Family."  Many people mistakenly assume that this means that the entire family will be automatically checked in with a single click.  While this is not true, for accurate reporting.  When you select the option to "Check In by Family", the Check In Screen simply pulls up the Family list so you can check in the members of the family that should be checked in.



Example of Check In Screen

This is what you should expect to see on your check-in screen as you check in one family member in a family.


  • Note: You will only receive one parent tag for all the children you've checked in, not a parent tag per child.
  • If you select "Check in by Family," you will only receive one unique 3-digit / 4-digit code for all of the kids in the family. If you'd like individual codes for each child, you'll want to unselect "Check in by Family" and check in the kids separately, generating a parent tag for each child. 
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