Create a list of those who have not given


  • Sometimes, you may wish to create a list of those that have not given. You may also wish to use this list to note who is active/nonactive.

Steps to find those who have not given:

  1. Create a Tag (maybe called "Donors")
  2. Generate a report of your Donors for the date range of your choice and filter the information. (Searching Contributions and Creating Giving Reports
  3. Once you have generated your list of donors, choose the person icon in gray right under the Reports Ribbon. This will generate a list of people and allow for you to add them to a Tag.
  4. Choose More Actions on the right.
  5. Choose Assign to Tags and choose the "Donors" tag that you created.
  6. Now that you have your donors in a tag, go to People.
  7. Choose "Show More Filter Options" on the left
  8. Scroll down to the Tags section and Choose "Does Not Contain" and the "Donors" tag. This will generate a list of all of the people that have not donated.
  9. Choose "Export" on the right to generate a spreadsheet of those that have not given.
  10. Download



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