Which family member gets an emailed statement?

When emailing statements it is important to understand the logic behind the "Breeze Brain". It is very simple in the logic that is used to generate statements by email or by print. If you choose to email statements, it is looking for donors who have an email on their profile, then if you select to group by family, it is also including family name/giving on the statement.

Sometimes, it may seem like a spouse that's grouped to a family should be getting an emailed statement, but they are not.  Or that a family with an email address should not be generating in the "Print Statements For Donors Without Emails". When you group statements by family, and choose to email statements the only recipient of the email will be the actual donor(s) (the person(s) the donations are credited to in Breeze).  


For Example, 

  • If all the contributions have all been credited to Fred Flintstone throughout the year, and Fred has an email on his profile, Fred will get an emailed statement. Wilma will not receive an emailed statement to her email address, however, her name will be on the statement if the Statement was grouped by family.

  • If all the contributions have been credited to Fred Flintstone, and he does not have an email on his profile within Breeze, but Wilma (his spouse) does have an email on her profile (but no giving records in her name), neither spouse will get a statement emailed to them. If you would like the Flintstone family to receive an emailed statement, you would need to include an email address for Fred on his profile, as all of the giving is recorded under his name.

  • If some donations are credited to Fred and other contributions are credited to Wilma, and they both have emails on their profile within Breeze, then they will both be emailed a statement. (If you select to group by family, the statement will include both of their names/giving combined on the statement). 

  • If some donations are credited to Fred and other contributions are credited to Wilma, and Fred has an email on his profile, but Wilma does not, then Fred will get an emailed statement, and Wilma will trigger a printed statement for those without an email. While the actual statement would be identical, the one family member with an email is triggering the email statement option. The other donor in the family, without an email, is triggering with the print for donors without email addresses option.

"Group by family" refers to grouping the donations of individual members of the family on the statement itself, as well as who to include in the statement name mail merge options. The Emailing statement option only sends the statement through email to the actual donor (though it includes the spouses name in the statement, if you selected group by family). 

Note: If you group by family while emailing statements and do not exclude children, children who have given , and have an email address in their profile, will receive a copy of the family's contribution statement. Reference Using Family Roles to understand what to do with adult children who should receive their own statement. 

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  • We emailed pledge statements for next year's pledge campaign to say thank you to members for pledging & confirm their pledge amounts. The statements were grouped by family, so both people's names appear on the pledge statement. However, the statement was only sent to the person whose name is assigned to the pledge. Is there any way to change that? Some people get offended that we "assume" one person or another should receive the statement (even though that is not the case!)

    Thank you!

  • Hi @bookkeeper!

    Great question! Since the statement will only be sent to the person assigned to the pledge, the best work around option is to make sure that at least one donation is credited to the other spouse! That way, they will both be emailed a statement when they are grouped by family.  The statement will list all donations given by both spouses.

    I hope this helps :) Happy Breezing!

  • Unfortunately this is a statement showing their pledge for NEXT church year and neither has given anything towards it yet.

  • Hi @bookkeeper!

    I think I'll be able to serve you better if I send you an email so we can take a look at specifics together!

    You'll be hearing from me soon!