Which spouse gets an emailed statement?

Sometimes, it may seem like a spouse that's grouped to a family should be getting and statement, but isn't.  When you group by family, the only people that receive statements are the actual donors (the person the donations are credited to).  For example, if all the contributions have been credited to Fred Flintstone throughout the year, Wilma will not get a statement (even though she is his spouse, and the Statement is grouped by family). 

However, if some donations are credited to Fred and other contributions are credited to Wilma, then they will both be emailed a statement when they are grouped by family.  The statement will list all donations listed by both spouses.

"Group by family" refers to grouping the donations of individual members of the family.

Note: If you group by family while emailing statements and do not exclude children, children who have given will receive their family's contribution statement.

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