Breeze Password Strength

Our password requirements greatly enhance the security of data stored by your church. Security is very important and we're committed to protecting your information in your account.

When a new user (or user updating their password) enters a password they'll be given immediate feedback if the password is weak, good, or great.

Allowable Password Ratings:
"Good" and "Great" rated Passwords

Disallowed Password Ratings:
"Weak" rated Passwords

Tip: Encourage your users to select longer passwords with multiple words.

Unlike some other sites that require a complex set of capital letters, special characters, and numbers, our password feedback uses a smart algorithm that checks the password for the "number of days it would take for someone to hack it." This algorithm gives us a score that we can use to quickly determine how strong the password truly is.

Note: Passwords selected before this update on 12/21/17 are not required to be changed and will still operate normally. When changed, the password strength requirements will be applied.

We hope this gives you additional peace-of-mind that we've got your back, and are protecting the security of your church's information!

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