Contribution Report Viewing Options: List, People and Graph

Here we will examine the different viewing options within contribution reporting.   

When creating a contribution report, there are a few different report viewing options to choose from: List View, People View, and Graph View. You can access these 3 different views by clicking on one of the icons seen below:



The List view is the default view that provides of list of individuals and their contributions using the filters selected.

The People view (middle icon) will give you a list of all the individuals who match the filter criteria of your search. The Action Panel appears, giving you many options, such as Assigning the individuals to a tag, exporting the individuals and email.

The Graph view (third icon) provides several graphs based on the report filters. 

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  • The video is broken. I get a cloudapp error.

  • Hey @carlos!
    Oh no! I am so sorry that this video is not working correctly! I want you to know that I just notified our team about this! We definitely want to get this video fixed and working properly to help out our Breeze family! I apologize for this inconvenience, and I really appreciate your patience! Thank you for letting us know! :)

    While we get this corrected, there is a video on contribution reports that you can find under the "Contributions" section within Breeze University! I hope this is helpful: 
  • Is there a way to save common reports we run?

  • Love the idea of being able to save common reports! Similarly, I would love to automate monthly/quarterly generation of a contributions report and have it emailed to our members.

    I don't see a way to currently automate emails in general, let alone with attached saved reports, so I'm assuming there's no way to currently do this, right? I'd be happy to put in a feature suggestion for this if it's not yet on the radar.


  • Hi @alitacharron and @nicholasstanford01

    Great questions here! Thanks for reaching out! There is currently not a way to run saved reports inside this section. 

    There is a way to run monthly, quarterly contribution statements to be sent out to your members. There's just not a way to automatically do this. You'd have to run your contribution report, put in your dates and criteria and then email the statements out.

    Please submit a feature request for these amazing ideas!

    Thanks for sharing here as well!



  • How long does the Breeze system store the historical data for contributions?

  • Hi @victoria! Breeze never removes data from your system, unless you were to delete contribution data. That means you can report as far back as you need to within Contributions. :)

    When pulling reports, try pulling the date range filter back as far as desired to see contributions from years past that might be in Breeze.