Opting In or Out of a Church Newsletter


While there is not a built-in way for people to unsubscribe to a church Newsletter in Breeze, you can create a way for members to be easily assigned to a Tag that allows for only the tagged people to receive the newsletter.

Steps to create opting in or out options for a newsletter:

  1. Create a multiple choice profile field called "Receive Newsletter" with the options of Yes and No. 
  2. Create a Tag called "Newsletter"
  3. Set up a Smart Tag. Using the search filter of "Newsletter" > Yes and then select the "Newsletter" tag under the "Will automatically be assigned to this tag". You will want to make sure to check the box, "When this task runs, also remove people from this tag that do not match the selected filter". This will ensure that if someone tells you that they do not wish to receive the newsletter, and you make "No" in the "Newsletter" profile field for them, they will be taken out of the Tag.
  4. Initially, you can bulk update people's profiles to say "Yes" in the "Newsletter" profile field by Generating a Search in People of who you would like to receive the newsletter, then choosing "More Actions" on the right side and choosing "Update People." Select the "Newsletter" field to update and choose "Yes." This will update the Smart Tag to all of the people that you wish to receive the initial newsletter.
  5. Send your newsletter via email through the Newsletter Tag.


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