How to Print Mailing Labels with Envelope Numbers Included


Need to print mailing labels that include your envelope numbers? No problem! This can be done with a few steps. 


  1. First, we will need to create a Customized Profile Field, if you do not already have one. We recommend using a "Text" field and calling it Envelope Number. 

  2. Download your current Envelope Numbers to Excel by going to More > Contributions > Select the More Down Arrow > Envelopes > "Download as Excel"Resultado de imagen para gif example
  3. Open the file that was just downloaded and simply save it as a .CSV file.
  4. Now Bulk Update People by navigating to More > Tasks > Import (on the left side) > Update People > Download Template File. 
  5. Copy the needed Column Titles from the Update People Template File to the Envelope Numbers file you Downloaded as Excel and Paste it into the corresponding fields. Save the Download as Excel Envelope Number File as a .CSVResultado de imagen para gif example
  6. Click the Import Updated People found in More > Tasks > Import (on the left side) > Update People > Import Updated People Button. Resultado de imagen para gif example
  7.  Now that your members with Envelopes Numbers have this number stored on their profile, we can easily Create Mailing Labels.  Navigate to People > Show More Filter Options > Envelope Number > Place an * in the text box (this will populate a list of all of your members with envelope numbers). From here you will choose Export in the action panel > Mailing Labels > Custom > Include the Field "Envelope Number" and Download. Resultado de imagen para gif example  

Things to Know:

If you had envelope numbers already stored in a profile field, you will want to:

  1. Navigate in Breeze to People > Show more Filter Options > Go to the Envelope Profile Field and place a * in it to populate everyone with an envelope number.
  2. Use the Action Panel to Update all these People at Once, choose your envelope profile field, leave the box blank and click update.

This step is crucial to make sure you wipe out envelope numbers from people who may have had one in previous years stored on their profile but do not have a new one. 


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