Install Livebar Onto Your Church Website


Breeze introduced Livebar as an insanely easy-to-install (and free) banner for your church website, helping your members know where to go for weekend services in the age of the coronavirus. 

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Here are instructions on how to set up and copy your code:

  1. Configure livebar with the options you'd like on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Scroll down and click the "Copy Code" on the bottom right-hand side.

Here are instructions on how to paste your code onto most popular websites:

Adding Custom HTML to Squarespace
Adding Custom HTML to Wix
Adding Custom HTML to Weebly
Adding Custom HTML to GoDaddy
Adding Custom HTML to Wordpress
Adding Custom HTML to Clover Sites

*Please note that these articles may need to be updated by your website company.  Therefore, you should reach out to them for further support.


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