Install Livebar Onto Your Church Website

Breeze introduced Livebar as an insanely easy-to-install (and free) banner for your church website, helping your members know where to go for weekend services in the age of the coronavirus. 

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Here are instructions on how to set up and copy your code

  1. Configure livebar with the options you'd like on the left-hand side of the page.
  2. Scroll down and click the "Copy Code" on the bottom right-hand side.

Here are instructions on how to paste your code onto most popular websites

Adding Custom HTML to Squarespace
Adding Custom HTML to Wix
Adding Custom HTML to Weebly
Adding Custom HTML to GoDaddy
Adding Custom HTML to Wordpress
Adding Custom HTML to Clover Sites

*Please note that these articles may need to be updated by your website company.  Therefore, you should reach out to them for further support.


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  • Thank you for creating Livebar and making it available to Breeze subscribers, and to everyone else. May I make a request for a small enhancement to this capability in a future release?

    Per documentation, it seems the Livebar remains active as a permanent fixture on the site 24 x 7. This means that even just five minutes after worship has ended, we'd already be alerting people to tune-in in 6 days, 22 hours from now. Can it be modified so that this alert is displayed only within a selected number of hours prior to the start of worship?

    WordPress sites can use the "Display During Conditional Shortcode" plugin to accomplish what I'm asking for, but many WordPress users are hesitant to pile-on more plugins... the more plugins you load, the more likely that things will interact in ways that break the website. If I had better javascript skills, I'd gladly donate my effort to make this modification in livebar.js... but I really must leave this to others who are far more talented than myself.

    Thank you for considering this as a future modification.

  • Hey @jim!

    Thank you for providing your feedback regarding the Livebar tool. :) We really appreciate you sharing this with us! 

    After reaching out to our Senior Advocate team, this doesn't appear to be something that is able to be modified. I apologize for this limitation and know this is probably disappointing to hear. Since this is a free tool that was created to help out ministries during COVID, and is separate from Breeze, we are unable to offer additional support on this. 

    While this is the case, feel free to provide your valid thoughts to our Product team by submitting a feature request. Although we cannot guarantee any changes or updates, please know that these requests do not fall on deaf ears. All feedback is read by our Product team and is used for future development efforts. You can learn more about feature requests here: Submitting Feature Requests

    Have a wonderful day! :)