Bulk Update Contribution Information (Batches)

On occasion, you may have an entire Batch of Contributions that needs to have the data amended.  It is helpful to make this change in a bulk fashion if you have a multitude of contributions within a single Batch.

Updating your Batch

 Follow these steps to edit your Batch in a bulk format.

  1.  Download a Template: 
    • Navigate to More > Tasks > Import Giving
    • Download Template with “Generic” as your format choice
  2. Find Current Batch Information:
    • Navigate to More > Contributions > Batches
    • Click on the Batch you want to change > Select “Download to Excel”. (Be sure to have your columns visible)
  3. Filling in the Template: 
    • Open up the Generic Template and the Download Batch Excel Files. 
    • Copy and paste data from the downloaded batch Excel document in the corresponding columns in the Template file. Be sure to not overwrite the column id’s in the first row of the Generic template. 
    • Update the data that needs to be corrected. Save this file as a CSV document.
  4. Delete old Batch Data:
    • Navigate to More > Contributions > Batches and click the “x” by the Batch that you wish to amend. This will delete all transactions within that batch so you can now import the correct information.
  5. Import New Data to this Batch:
    • Navigate back to More > Tasks > Import Giving
    • Click the Import Giving button to upload your corrected Batch Excel File.

Note: The date of the contribution is what will be amended. The date shown when the Batch was opened, will remain unedited.

Above Steps shown in video below:

Update Batch

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