Bulk Update Contribution Information (Batches)

On occasion, you may have an entire Batch of Contributions that needs to have the data amended.  It can be helpful to make this change in a bulk fashion if you have a multitude of contributions within a single Batch, needing to be changed. Select the option below that aligns with how you added contributions to Breeze to reveal the steps you should take,

Updating a Batch in Bulk if you manually added the Contributions to Breeze Updating a Batch in Bulk if you Imported the Contributions to Breeze

Follow these steps to edit your Batch in a bulk format if you manually added contributions through the add contribution page.

  1.  Download a Template: 
    • Navigate to Account Settings > Bulk Tasks > Import Giving
    • Download Template with “Generic” as your format choice
  2. Find Current Batch Information:
    • Navigate to More > Contributions > Batches
    • Click on the Batch you want to change > Select “Download to Excel”. (Be sure to have your columns visible)
  3. Filling in the Template: 
    • Open up the Generic Template and the Download Batch Excel Files. 
    • Copy and paste data from the downloaded batch Excel document in the corresponding columns in the Template file. Be sure to not overwrite the column id’s in the first row of the Generic template. 
    • Update the data that needs to be corrected. Save this file as a CSV document.
  4. Delete old Batch Data:
    • Navigate to More > Contributions > Batches and click the “x” by the Batch that you wish to amend. This will delete all transactions within that batch so you can now import the correct information.
  5. Import New Data to this Batch:
    • Navigate back to Account Settings > Bulk Tasks > Import Giving
    • Click the Import Giving button to upload your corrected Batch Excel File.

Note: The date of the contribution is what will be amended. The date shown when the Batch was opened, will remain unedited.

Above Steps shown in video below:

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  • The video link called Update Batch is not working for me.  Thanks for your help!

  • Hey @sheripine!

    Oh no! I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

    I have notified the team about this, so hopefully this video will be updated with a working link soon!

    In the meantime, here is a video I created to walk you through these steps: https://a.cl.ly/7KupOQ4E 

    I hope this helps! :) 

  • Thank you!  The video was helpful.  Just a suggestion, it would be great if the order of the columns on the template was similar to the order of the columns when a batch is exported.  Thanks for your help!

  • Hey @sheripine!

    You're very welcome! I'm happy that I was able to help. :) 

    You bring up a great point! I will definitely make this known to the team as well. Additionally, feel free to submit this feedback to our Product team! You can do so here: Submitting Feature Requests


  • Sorry!  One more question.  Can I upload 2 batches at once as long as the different batch numbers are listed in the Batch column?

  • Hi @sheripine! No problem! You can absolutely upload multiple batches at once by listing different numbers in the batch column. Feel free to reach us at support@breezechms.com with further questions. :)

  • I tried this and it would seem better if we just updated the csv file we previously uploaded instead of downloading the batch, making the correction, downloading a generic template, copying and pasting the fields from the downloaded excel batch file making sure to line up the field names of which a few are out of order and it doesn't mention what to do with the Payment Date and the Person ID from the downloaded batch file. Plus I ran into the problem where I had separated out the funds where people give to 2 funds in one giving and when I pasted the information from the downloaded generic template, it created a new fund i.e. Tithe: $14.00, Offering (1002): $20.00.  Needless to say, I deleted that batch and just updated the original csv file with corrections and was done. I had to go back and separate out the donations where people gave to tithe and offering but it was a lot less work that what's described above.  For reference I was import the donations from Cash App.

  • Hey @brit1brit! You bring up a very valid point! If you upload/import contributions into Breeze, it would be much easier with the steps you suggested, just to update the original file. The majority of Breeze customers are not initially importing giving though, which is why the suggestion in the article is provided. Most customers are adding contributions to Batches in Breeze through the Add Contribution modal. I will be sure to flag this article as we could do a better job at providing steps if a customer is importing giving initially. 

    Thanks for bringing this up!