New Breeze Navigation Changes!

With the release of the new navigational changes, some sections of Breeze have been moved to different areas of access.

More Dropdown

This section will now house Contributions, Follow Ups, Forms, and Extensions. You will see that there are items that are grayed out as shown in the examples below, this will assist in guiding you to the new location of each item.


When you select a grayed-out item from the More dropdown, you will then see a pop up pointing you to the new location of the item you selected, as shown below:



Account Settings

This new Account Settings (Image_2020-05-07_at_1.31.50_PM.pngsection of Breeze will now house: Bulk Task, Users and Roles, the "all-new" Automations, Profile Fields, and Manage Account (formerly known as Account Settings), as shown below.



User Menu

The User Menu (2020-05-14_14-34-41.png) will now house the following: User settings, an "all new" Change Password option, Notifications, History, Get Help, and Log out.




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